Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 78 Friday's..not the resturant

hmmm their soup sounds so good right now. Their french onion soup for a matter.

Well it’s another day of having sick ones in the house. Now, the oldest one is coming down with flu like symptoms as well. So, we have started the course of actions of medication and rest. No special classes for either one of the yesterday; not mention mom was completely washed out from the flu for herself. At least two of us are keeping food down today. The other one still feels nauseated.

A good note even though my husband and I are still fighting over personality traits that irate each other I can agree on things about our children and the things they need. So, it’s a starting point. Yeah, it means it can only get better from that point.

Also, I put the Happy Anniversary sign up in his car this morning, so, he couldn’t drive off until he had to pull out of his windshield area on the inside. He said I confused him because our anniversary is not until tomorrow. I said, it was the only time I could surprise him. So deal with it.

Plus, I told him why I was so late coming in from getting medicine for our children the other night. I was looking for his most favorite candy in every freaking store in this town. It use to be available when we moved here. Guess what? It’s no longer available for me to buy for him. So, I told him that it wasn’t much buster but at least I tried to do something nice for our anniversary. He was thankful.Even of the whining, complaining from this end. Life could be a lot worse.

How many have been working on their shoe challenge? Did you see the pictures I uploaded for my example for the challenge? Oh, you can mix and match your favorite designers as well to meet the criteria.

Need to work on my blog design. Its awesome and all but it could be a little more readable.

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