Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 70 Wednesday Field day and announcing

a new arrival of a new electronic gadet in our house. Okay you remember me telling you about the horrible troubles we have had with our cell provider. Not the service but the original phone that we received when we signed up for our original two year contract. Well, it should arrive today the new phone along wiht our new extend contract with this cell provider. Drum roll please as the curtain pulls away to relieve our new cell phone.

so the next two week nights will be spent playing with my new toy. Its kickin! It will be nice to have a built in mp3 player with me. So, if I get bored I have music.

Okay field day for one child is today. Its going to be fun. I get to captured my child but my bosses child too! So, it will even more interesting running between two classes.

Now for the in-law part. Everyone is safe and sound back in the south as of 10pm mst time. They are in a different time zone than us. After having a chance to reflect after calming not only on my sil but my mil. My Dh and I have concluded that from now on if his sister wants to participate in our kids lives one of us will always be with the girls and her regardless of where we are at. As for his mother, he doesn't know my suscipisions of her health condition. I don't think its just a bacterial infections she has but I think she may have had a mild heart attack or stroke while she was out here. I can't tell DH because he would just loose his mind up in here and seriously would hop a plane home and demand that he take her to see a heart specialist. His mother is the type that won't do it unless she is ready to do. So, all I can do is pray for her.

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