Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday early morning..peace..tranquility

I almost turned on my itunes expect I realized the beauty in silence this morning (unless you count the sound of the tapping of keys as I tape type this). So, relaxing. I don't even hear early morning birds or wind. Its just so rejuvinating. The sun is popping over the mountains with an early morning haze. I just love it.

Okay last night...coyotes game started good then stunk the started good again. We can't go to the play offs playing like we did last night. Yes, sabers are a good team however if we can beat the #1 Boston Brunes then dang boys. Beat the rest of them and bring home the playoffs champion flag. I am not worried about the Stanley cup. I just would like to stay we are western confrence champs. Okay the six new players if I am wrong then correct me upshall, lombardi, prucha, dawes, kalinin, and tordjman. did an awesome job. Of course tordjman didn't play but he did an awesome supportive job. If I could personally get my picture with them and say good job boys I would. Though I am heartbroken over Tellvquist leaving, I know he will probably get a better chance at playing for the Sabers than for the coyotes. So, its a positive move for him. Though, I hate to see him play on the side lines.

Todays plans, we go to their saturday class. dh heads over to the bank to take care of some issues, I watch, he comes back we, and we leave for a late lunch, a birthday party, and nothing after that.

Be sure to check out a post below. Its a challenge to everyone. I am giving away a gift certificate to twopeasinabucket.


Norma Kennedy said...

Great challenge...I will give it a try maybe tomorrow.

Lynn said...

i LOVE your blog title. bwahahaha! and the challenge. woo hooo. i do have a flashback lo on shoes. hmmm....i'll have to break it out.