Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 66 Tuesday...much happier

It’s a chat Tuesday! Yeah!!!!!!! It’s one of my things I look forward to every week. This is my online version of a night out with the girls without needing to find a babysitter. It’s perfect because even if DH is late from work it’s still duable for me to attend.

Okay last night was a migraine night, I missed another parent/teacher meeting about the secondary elementary school that one of my kids is suppose to start if we stay in this town. Needless, to say sometimes I really appreciate being prone to having migraines from allergies. I really didn’t want to hear anymore political I’m better than this school, we provided this yet the kids are unhappy with this type of circurulum, and you have to just give us a try when I have the inside scoop from other administrators that there are major problems within the school district.
Did you see my funny post below? It’s me and my DH being goofy heads. I thought I would share just a little humor with you.

Okay, so, I am in the middle of migraine melt down last night. My boss calls. I love my boss like a sister. She is so cool. Plus, she just got engaged. I got to go make her a congrats card to her and her new beau. She calls to tell me that I am getting another student from my old room. This is to keep him from him leaving our school. He just turned a certain age etc. Did I mind? No, this boy is extremely smart. I mean like super scientist smart. You have to keep him busy with lots of kindergarten to first grade level work or else he gets bored and in trouble. So, I was like no problem. I don’t mind. I will write a letter to his parents explaining how we do work in there now when they will receive a copy of it. She was like coolz.

BTW, we are having another staff meeting. It’s not about you but I need you to demonstrate how easy it is to teach the worksheets we have here. Do I really have to come? I can I watch the staff kids instead? NO! You have to be in the meeting with us mean mom...I need your m.e.a.n.ness. Okay, then do me a huge favor don’t hold it on a Tuesday or Thursday night. I have those special classes for my kids. We don’t get in until 5pm. I still a ton of home and dinner to prepare. Okay, I will keep that in mind. Thanks Boss.

Now does anyone have a freebie on their site for engagement or wedding plans? I need it...

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