Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 65 April Fool's Wednesday but not any april fool's post

This is no April fool’s log. I spotted a bobcat and a bobcat spotted me. I froze in my tracks. He gave me a look like you’re not my type chick and walked in the direction he was going. Its great living in a desert community but it’s also not so great. Just don’t tell my DH he’ll get to be overprotective mode, again.

(photo not an original dl from the net to give you a clue as what I got to look at ..

Ugh, another day.
Happy April’s Fool Day to everyone. Hopefully, the pranks won’t be too bad


Katherine (Aussiekat) said...

Eeeeekk! A bobcat? Sometimes suburban living has its pluses - biggest thing we see is some very fat squirrels and maybe a beaver or two from the river! LOL

Creative Junkie said...

*thud* <--------- that would be me, if I got within a mile of a bobcat.