Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 56 Tearful Tuesday

Have you ever had a day start out right but ends up on two left feet instead? A day where you just want to find a corner and cry yourself to sleep from all aspects of life that is the type of day I had yesterday. The type day that only chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate (which I really shouldn’t have) wipes away the fringe of total insanity from stress. Yes, folks you can start out dancing on beat and go to dancing off beat within about two hours of your day starting.
The thing that made the day go from stopping around in the muck of stress to clear blue skies was the fact I got “tagged” in the tag praise game on two peas. Wasn’t exactly expecting it either, so, it was so nice for someone to do that.

Today deal with all the people in my life that had a grumpy in encounter with each and offended each other; more of what I don’t need. To enjoying my evening chat with my online friends at two peas in a bucket.

I only have six days left of work. So, it should fly by like a roller coaster ride without the squeals of the thrill.

Then tackle my family that has decayed into the swamp of impoliteness, and crudity. Then tackle this garbage hole we call a temporary.

Have one question that I need help answering. If someone says they can’t come to the phone, would you insist they come to the phone or wait until they could call you back?

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