Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 44 Thursday Turnover

for starting a new month tomorrow, have to get all the bills for the first of the month written down and write on checks to be paid tomorroww; let's not forget the nightly enrichment homework calender for Kindergarten. Luckily, we had done half of it already due to our allergies and schedules; my little hiding the notebook we are doing catch up assignments today.

Still no word on the class thing from my DH, however, I will have to up load the image of what he left me for the love dare book. It made me smile.

Today's To Do List:
Finish Enrichment Calendar with youngest-1/2 done
Take kids to school-done
Return Library book
Go for a run (slept late)-done
Bills and Grocery List-started
Finish Laundry-started
Pick up kids from school-done
includin an emergancy trip to the doctor for a diagnosis of food allergy-done got my t-shirt for that.

This week's To do list
Two more layouts-for this week-done
Try to finish cleaning up the appreance of my blog..Need help if anyone has any answers about the header area.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I have to do the bill thing later on today as well...

Pamela said...

Your list is like mine...

What are you wanting to do with the header? I don't know if I could help, but I could try...

Kate said...

I hate the 1st of the month writing out all those checks even if they are E checks... the $$$ is still GONE.