Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 48 Friday Fizzle...

due to the fact I feel fizzled out between the strep virus hitting our house, volunteering, and tackling our awful house.

Today is the following for me.

Return library items
take kids to school-done

Excerise after the kids have gone to school and clean up from excerising-done

Sew on attendance patches on kids uniform for their class test tomorrow.-done

type up terms of use for my birthday clown kit and post it for all my wonderful followers to download.-done.

attack the dinning room table (its' been buried under stacks of paper for months)

do two layouts of the kids art projects. i won't be doing this weeks digi chat challenge. I don't have a way to do a hybrid layout.
Take kids to the dentist after lunch.

If you haven't hopped over to the lean mean beings blog. I am posting the address below.

I have a few posts for the last few days. I'd love some feed back.

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