Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 58 Good Friday

I never have understood the meaning for good friday..I know its part of the jewish holiday for passover which has been convert into the Easter Celebration in the ressuration of Jesus. Maybe because no one has ever broken down the differences of the two regilious beliefs side by side for me to see in any format. I like to understand both sides of the issue because I like to be respectful for each person's personal believe.

Oh, don't get me wrong I do celebrate Good Friday in a regilious sense with my family every year. I just feel like it has been over commericalized by the stores, churches, and just in general. We have forgotten what truly means "to do this in rememberance of me". If this makes any sense at all to those that believe. I rarely see anyone publical figure take a moment of silence to remember this weekend. I don't see people gathering for an easter egg hunt and praying before they hunt eggs. Back in the day, prayer always came first, and remembering was a simple festival for a family to have traditions with.

Words of wisdom for today. Take time to remember even if it is a brief moment of silence to pray. To remember that we have life because of him.

Now for an update on my kiddos situation at school. I got an email from the direct teachers yesterday. They did apologize for another incident at the transition time. They feel that my youngest needs to take more responsibility for her actions or non-actions. Excuse, this is kindergarten not first or second grade or even junior high school. Have we forgotten the number one rule when dealing with children? All children will develop and mature on their own preset developmental schedule.

In general most will "mature" or develop to handle more responsibilities toward the end of the year. I deal with students, the first thing I do is look at there birthday in the year. This general helps me determine where they lie emotionally. This is what you deal with in general. If there birthday lies in the end of August through say December generally (not always applies) they will be lower on the emotional developmental scale. I don't know its just the way it always occurs. If the child's birthday is from January through the first part of August then they generally have more advanced developmentally. I do not baby my children in any ways. The first word out of my mouth is generally NO. Simply because if they learn restrain and responsibility now its better for them. I do keep in mind their health and if they have gotten enough sleep as well. So, excuse if I feel like the school's have lost sight of what is really important..that we still need to do the head count check the master list of the kids schedule's while depositing the children where they are suppose to be.

Note: I will be starting another blog for those are trying to be healthier with their life style. I will have more details to come in the future.

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