Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 59 Thursday Thunder Bolt Momma

Its Thursday morning thunder bolt momma; yes, that’s right Thunder Bolt Momma! If you haven’t figured out by now something horrible happened for a third and will be final time to my family.
As many of you know, I work as a preschool teacher at a local preschool. A couple times a week, I work late and the preschool bus picks up my children for me. Well, for the last few months, there has been an issue with this. The teachers at the school continually refuse to put my youngest on the preschool bus when she is suppose to then on the days I do pick them up myself, they put her on the van. When questioned they try to blame my daughter. When the preschool staff is questioned, they say it’s the teacher on duty that is the one screwing up the times for my child. Needless, to say, they have quote, “lost or misplaced” my child for the last time. I have sent written reminders, to everyone including the principal to ensure my child is on the correct bus or line for pick up. I check with the actual class room teachers and they say that my youngest child has the schedule down pat. It’s a shame that my actual boss, was told that a lie yesterday. My boss, literary called me from the school on the cell phone with the teacher standing there to make sure she was suppose to pick up my kids. Needless, to say, my child was found across campus at a different pick up spot after another teacher rudely, told my daughter and other students waiting for my preschool bus that my youngest was not suppose to be on our preschool bus. The teacher only brought my youngest to the older silbing after the teachers in the other line quickly informed her that my oldest and friends were correct in saying that my youngest was suppose to ride the preschool bus. Never once, did the children receive an apology from the school staff. Never once, did my boss receive an apology from the school staff; expect to be made to drive around to pick up my youngest had been dropped off. Needless, to say this post is very tame. I am prepared to give a cordial tongue lashing to the school this morning.
So, pray for me and wise words to type. My resignation letter has already been sent to my boss at the preschool because my husband and I fear for our children’s safety and well being at this point.


Gennifer said...

I know that can be really frustrating. Our kids and their safety is definitely the priority, though! You're doing the right thing.

*Paula* said...

Wow, that's a scary story. You're right to make your kids safety #1.

Audrey said...

so sorry that you are having to deal with this. it's often frustrating, especially when there seem to be so many different levels and places at which communication can go wrong. I hope everything works out for the best for you and your family.