Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday ...

It’s Sunday Morning. Everyone but me is sleeping. No biggie about that. I love the early morning by myself time. The only sound is my typing, the dryer and said clothes going round and round, and peace.
Okay, so, we have been really busy. To the point that the kids even wanted a break from the go-go pace we have been keeping. They stayed at home all day yesterday, watching TV, and chilling. Expect for the Egg Extravaganza at a local park. This is three baseball fields covered in plastic eggs and the kids go crazy trying to get their share. They are gone in 2-5 minutes.

I had a baby shower to go too. It was really fun. It was very low key. I love key events. It makes my day. I had so much fun! I love how their nursery was decorated. The food was kicking too. All fruits, vegetables, and lots of punch or ginger ale to eat and drink. I have a layout coming of their dog. She was so good during the baby shower.
For me today laundry, grocery shopping, and digital scrapbooking, we may go house hunting and we may not.

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