Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rainey Saturday

Its Saturday, rainy one for the desert community, this is good and bad. Good for the sense of washing away dust and allergens but it will create new ones in the next few days. This makes we think of two songs, Raine and Fallen right.

Okay, I have another mini contest for you folks. I will be starting a new blog. If you have been reading every morsel of detail on my blog then I don’t have to repeat myself. Help me create categorizes for the new blog. Each day has a specific theme along with a thread to post your minutes of exercise or calories burned. If you enter the contest you will be part of my team. I need six team members to help.

Its date night for me and one of my kids, and its date night for my husband and one of my kids, for extra bonding time and stress relieve. I believe it helps the children feel more special and listened to when a parent takes them out individually. I remember doing this with my mom. We had a tradition that on the first snow of every winter we would celebrate. Either by baking or going out to eat on her very small budget for a single parent back in the day. Thanks mom! I hopefully will get pictures of stuff that I can post in a recap or a layout for a contest at two peas.

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