Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 63 Friday

It’s Friday. It’s my DH 42nd Birthday today. He won’t let us buy him anything. So, we made him a sign, bought a Disney balloon with his favorite characters, and some very funny cards. I still can’t find his favorite candy anywhere in the local stores. This is so frustrating.

Update on yesterday, yes, I had a better day with my kids. We got all the worksheets for the unit we are studying done. We get to start a new one Monday (sub gets to start it). Only three acted up at naptime, and those three are my normal three to give me a hard time.

I’m off today and Monday. You’ll find out why about Monday. Heheeheehee, I may be mean but I do have fun with my family regardless of what others think.

Plans get caught up on laundry, possibly go look at houses with my DH this morning, and try to figure out what my kids are allergic to before we have food testing done..

Remember when I saw, the bobcat the other day. A neighbor just told me it leaves down in a deep wash behind our little rental. Wonderful! This means I will probably see this, oh, so, not so, wonderful wild being again then.

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