Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 47 Monday Morning

of running and getting back on track with my family. okay so today, is a little quiet but busy the same. Cleaning the living room up, and finding important paper work my DH has missed placed. You if he would just learn to put it back where he found it originally we would not have a mad russian rush to find things again.

Goals for the day:
Return items to libray-done
Take kids to school-done
Go to bank this morning-done
Find paper work and clean living room-1/2 done the paper work part took literarily all day
Get kids bed put back together
Cook Dinner -done

Goals for the week:
Work on making textured ribbons for the next part of the birthday clown kit
Get at least 5 layouts done this week-one down four to go.
clean up my blog appearance (anyone got tips of making it work well together let me know).

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