Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 55 Look What the Cat Dragged In

Okay, its look what the cat dragged in day for me. Grant it, I may not have not gone out the girls in the literally sense of the meaning; but I did have a nice get together online for this mom. Then spent over an hour scanning more curriculum for my class for next year; even though I will no longer be teaching there as of a week from today. I’m sort of excited about it to a degree. I will miss teaching but to be home with my kiddos is rockin. They are pretty cool kids. Now, to get them placed with some pretty rocking teacher. Plus, I stayed up late watching the last DVD on the series Waking the Dead from the BBC due back, hmmm, yesterday. I still have one episode to watch on it. I guess I will pay late fines on it at the library.

Has anyone ever figured out why they call this hump day or is it that we as human beings have “dirty little minds”?

So, instead of getting ready for work I played around with my artistic mode in I can't wait for you gals and guys to see what it can do with a picture. Yes, I have messed around with it in the past but it didn't see to really catch my for my layouts. This is why, I love two peas in a bucket. They always have challenge that helps you learn how to use your software whither its the state of the art or freebie software like gotta go put my face paint on so I won't scare the kids in the school.

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Gennifer said...

You're funny! I'm pretty sure it's called "hump day" because it is the middle of the week!