Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 64 comment day

Its 3:45 am on Thursday. Why in good golly Ms Molly my body decided to wake up and have a stomach acid reflux trip is beyond me. Maybe, it’s because I ate really light last night, or maybe, I had a really crappy day with my kids at work, or maybe, I am running out of patience on this house hunting expedition that we have been on for over a year now.

Let’s see today’s plan of action at work. One keep kids outside as much as possible today. This means taking all worksheets, pencils, crafts outside to do. Let’s not forget our snack time is also going to be outside. These kids are going to run, play, and enjoy the weather since they acted so badly. I literary had three other teachers come in my room to help me with them yesterday. Even my director was like this is ridiculous for this class. I said, “okie dokie, tomorrow is an outside work day. Anybody got a problem with that then they will have to go see the director. “My director replied, “Fine by me.” Love you dear director.

This afternoon a date with one of kids, just you I kid. We got plans. Nothing fancy, just a sub dinner, a trip to the library, a shopping trip for a birthday card for their father and favorite candy too, movies with Scooby-doo (gotta love this scarredy dog),and maybe, some ice cream from the grocery store.

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Gennifer said...

Hopefully today goes better than yesterday!