Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Shanna, Roman, Connor, Angus, Sean, and the russian mob..what a story line. I wished I had started reading the series in order. This book puts the entire series in order since it was written first.
Though, I get most of my books from the local library system. I have to wait as they order them. Most of the time they are not in order. Fiddlesticks, its frustrating sometimes. Though the sacrifice is worth it.
Thank Kerrelyn for writing most of main characters that have relatable flaws. They are not afraid to speak their mind, and they find great strength in midst of crisis when most normally can't. I laughed, I cried, and was enthrilled to the point of just about ignoring family members expect my own heart full of caring over rides my mind while reading and says, the book can wait but family can't.
Go get the book and start the series..it will be wonderful. No teasers here..
I give an over all A+. I've got her lastest two in this series from the library and have started them.

Totally Tuesday

I'm excited one I get to babysit my friend's twins this morning. They are so fun.

I got asked for blog interview yesterday. I was totally surprised and shocked. I knew I had a few readers but I had no idea that I was that popular. Where have I been? I know living life and dealing with life.

Anthena-Yes add the soul screamer series to your reading list girl. It totally rocks.

Then I discovered my library got the entire series by Kerrelyn Sparks yesterday. Heee...I'm in heaven. I finally got the first or second book in here series called How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire and another one out of the new three ones. Though its waiting at the library.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora, Vee, Patch, Elliot, and Jules...wowizer..
I am so glad I had to wait for this book to come in at the library. It definitely is a good read. One that is full thrills, suspense, and a total turn of events that can only be explained as read the book don't ask for spoilers.
Nora is a sophmore at a highschool in Maine. She just lost her dad a year ago. Her best Vee is her side until Patch, Elliot, and Jules walk into their lives in Spring. From normal boring teenage lives to one hell of revelation to damnation in one fell swoop. It keeps you on your toes as a ballerina has to practice wear toe shoes. OH, yes, its that good. I started reading it Friday night, and finished this morning. I would say this is better than a movie or csi eposide.
I would have finished last night expect I got sick from the food I ate. See http://leanmeanbeings.blogspot.com for more details.
Gives me a whole new outlook on guarding angels! ;)

Gene Simons Family Jewels Thank You

for putting Shannon's Breast Cancer scare out there. It was nice and refreshing to see someone else go through it. I know that millions and I do mean millions, of women go through a similar experience. Many more, millions of women actually go through having breast cancer and the recovery process.

I know everyone has a thing against giving rock stars, more credit than they deserve but this time folks, take the time to watch the eposides. It is worth it. This time the rock star husban, wife, kids, and additional family members deserve a great big applause.

www.aetv.com, click gene simons family jewels.

Hugs to their family from mine. I do know the personal terror, that goes through one's mind when waiting for the good answer its, all okay. The storm has not yet hit or has disappearred.

Big Time Clean Up Today

Today, I have to make sure I do big time clean up. I am babysitting my friends' kids tomorrow for three hours. They not school age yet and I need to make sure nothing is down for them to get into.

As to how I am feeling..see http://leanmeanbeings.blogspot.com

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Soul To Save by Rachel Vincent

Kaylee, Nash, and Tod are the three musketrees in this book. Kaylee a female been shide, Nash a male been shide, and Tod a dead been shilde turned reaper. Kaylee and Nash have enough on their plate just being teens add the fact that Nash and his mom Harmony have the task of teaching Kaylee about her hertige as a been shide, Kaylee's father riddle with guilt over Kaylee and her mother's death, and bunch of other events that were beyond their control. This book shows what a little heart in a situation can do, and that plans don't always work the way you think they will.

It took me longer to get through the book than anticipated. It's a great book. I loved it. The story line was relatable, and you could honestly see some of this stuff actually occuring.

Read it.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Light the Night ..more album pages

I just loved the idea of having a circle to celebrate 8 months. It is such a wonderful time, scooting, crawling, pulling up. I think the sun represents it wonderful.
Oh, I gave space for 9 pictures because at nine months their personalities just show through every picture. Plus, a small area for journaling.

I know why black, white, and grey for the 10 months. Well, they say a variety of color schemes for kids are wonderful. I always did like the Goodnight Moon series when they used the color scheme to represent resting or sleeping.
The 11th month mark...oh my. Its the month before the 1st year mark. One big picture or journal area and one small picture area or journaling take your pick.

I wanted something grand to represent the 12 month mark. Something outside the box of cutiness. Something to say, my baby made it. I thing the color scheme, swirls, flowers, and bling letters work well for it.

Credits for kit, Light the Night baby kit march 2010 www.songbirdavenue.com
Psst did you know that their birthday/anniversy is coming up in a couple of months. Yup, get ready..for a celebration.

Friday Sunburn, Saturday crazy day

Yesterday was another half day. More teacher confrences. Though, I have to say, I wish all spring days were half days, and winter days where longer days of school. I know totally crazy right? Well, think about winter no one really goes outside any ways its either to cold, to windy, or its a blizzard in some places. Why not take advantage of the time use it to educate our kids?

I mean seriously, spring is for planting, playing, and flockering until the summer heat hits full blast. So, I am totally one of these mom's that if they don't miss a lot of school, I purposely pull them out in the spring after the fact of absent counting to play hookey at the party, or ride their bikes. No, I'm joking. My kids do good and school. The occassional surprise is good.

After we meet, friends at the park, we stayed for 2 1/2 hours. I got sun burned for not putting enough sun screen on. Then we had another 2 hours of downtown in which I finished up an altered clipboard for a coach, got the little one ready for soccer, and discovered my oldest was having stomach issues again. Probably from trading snacks or drinks with friends when the oldest knows not too.

We came back, got taco bell for dinner. It stinks when groceries run out at breakfast time.

Bed, early for more soccer pictures, and soccer game. My 10k race got cancelled due to time constrains.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Half day -again

This year is been full of half days for my kids. The School district to which they attended that it would easier to do half days rather than no school days for teacher workshops or teacher confrences. Normally it would not be a problem, as I was employed at a preschool/day care to which the kids come sit with me until I got off and came home. This year it is a problem because I do not have a job. I am job searching continously. Can you believe that most employers don't like the multiple have days and some months that many days of no school . I need a job that I can work from home, and still have the flexibility to be there of the crazy school schedule. Got a lead for me? Email me..it couldn't hurt.

**Note to Everyone that has United Healthcare**
Open all enevolopes from this company that say health care statment of benefits. The company often inserts checks into these statements if you over paid for services that they were technically suppose to pay like emergancy room visits, surgeries, etc. Seriously, folks, my DH didn't open a piece a mail from them four years ago. Then he gave me the job of openning and sorting the legal size bankers box of "forgotten" items of his. Ikes!! I discover a nice check from the company. I called them to ensure the money was still available, common sense told me the check was probably already cancelled from the them, and needed a new one. Guess, what yes folks a new check was issued to me after four years and the fact we no longer have that coverage with that old policy. So, I promptly told DH since he failed to do his "services reendered" of husbandly duties, that I should receive a credit of new pair of runnign shoes from Nike Store regardless of price. Guess, what he agreed.

So, I am sitting here totally wasting time for the third day in the row. I am waiting on the Cox Cable company to come and fix a service that is so messed up that we got a credit off our next bill. Yet, after researching the service, the tech on the telephone discovered that its been going on a lot longer than a month unknown to us. Guess, what? Once the tech fixes the problem. i will be demanding a percentage off our bill for the next 6 months since it is their fault.

Pages 5-9 of Night the Light Baby Album

Three months page one photo large and small journaling or two small photos and lots of journaling.
Four months page, 4 small photos with small journaling, 2 medium photos with medium journaling space, or 1 large picture with lots of journaling space. Your pick..

Five months has three photo spots, with one small journaling spot.
Six months has six spaces for pictures, and small journaling space though, I think its pretty.

This is 7 months with a space for journaling.
Kit credits go to http://www.songbirdavenue.com/, Night the Light kit March 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Night the Light Album

This album is 7 x 5. I made for the February Mini Album class at Two peas in a bucket.
Title Page with room to insert photos at bottom.
Date of Birth or Birth Announcements with one picture.

One month has room for a couple of small pictures or two larger one with journaling depending how you want to do it.
Two months page has room for two large photos and small journaling or two small pictures with lots of journaling.

Credits for kit is www.songbirdavenue.com, Perfect light kit. On sale until March 31st, 2010.
I will reveil more of the baby album over the next several days.

Monday, March 22, 2010

MOnday..a return to our regularly scheduled lives

yes, spring break is offically over for us in this house. Everyone including my husband goes back to their regularly scheduled lives as of 6 am mst. Yes, folks that means homework, scout meetings, soccer practices, and general planned choas moments. No more laying around in our jammies til noon or partying like it was 1999.

Today is volunteer at the school, come home cook the meat sauce for spaghetti, email my Dh the remander of the grocery list for kids school lunches, clean up the kitchen, put away the laundry, continue looking for assignments for ct, send resume in for a job, and most of all love my kids whole heartedly..

Did you just ask me what surprise, I'm working on? Seriously, readers you should know by know that I don't even give spoilers when it comes to that. You will just have to wait and see what I have up my sleeves of m.e.a.n. m.o.m.iness.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sshh..I'm working on

a surprise for all my readers!!

Howl and get proud and loud

The NHL Coyotes are going to the playoffs this year if they don't mess up and loose any games the rest of this road trip starting today in Dallas.

So howl and bark like a coyote to show your support..or black hawks..we are coming back for your more of your hide in a few days. The pack is back. They are lickin' their lips and looking forward to having hawk for dinner (this a game talk. no actual animal will be hurt nor will any humans unless you count the players on the ice fighting).

Doin' the happy dance, though I can't watch the playoffs live because the tickets are a too expensive, and b we don't know which city the games will be held in.

Vampire Kisses The Beginning by Ellen Schreiber

Raven, Alexander, Trevor, Luna, Jagger, silbings and small town living. I laughed, I cried, and I couldn't put the book down. My Dh even commented on how, I was almost done with the book. I naturally corrected him, that it was three books in one. The first three in the series. It was nice to hold one big book verses checking out three different books. Psst, I have book four on request at the library to be picked later this week.

Anyone can relate to Raven and Alexander. I truly felt like the author had been watching me in High School expect I was not goth. Though, if I had choosen too, I'm sure my mother would have supported my decission. Though, I gave her a good laugh one time. A relative called wanting to know why I was mad at them. The family wanted to send me flowers. I was so mad that I blurted out, send me black roses because that's what I am to you a black sheep or stain you want to get rid of. Apparently, to this day, they still don't get me, which is fine they didn't get their dead sister apparently either. So, its nice I resemble her and carry on her boldness. Enough about me more about the book.

I always stuck up for the little guy/gal in highschool even if it meant taking on someone like the character Trevor. I never really got beaten up but I did make enemies with a girl that was jealous that I didn't care what she thought and disapproved of her way of treating people ( had almost forgotten about her until now.Though, her name fails me now, just shows everyone that really people the crap in highschool isn't as important as you make it out to be). One time I stood up to a jock. My mom knew about it before I even got home to tell her. Expect my town wasn't that small in fact, it was larger than dullsville. So, to say, I could totally relate to the way the book is written is an understatement.

Here's a quote my healthy blog. "I really don't have one but author Ellen Schrierber makes some excellent points about rumors and treating people right now matter how they look or act in her Vampire Kisses series. You may not be into the whole paranormal books but this series totally hits the right spot for teaching lessons in humanity. "

Now, I want the choker on teh cover with the red black fabric to make a skirt. I just might break down and measure my waist, buy the darn fabric and sew it myself by hand. I said almost..I didn't say I was doing it today people. I think the two would look excellent together. Now, where would I wear this gorgeous skirt and choker..I don't know to my kids school with a nice black shirt or tank top. Its kicken..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Charles and Anna continue their journey as newly matted wolfs together. They are concerned about how and when the bonding will finish. They must conquer many new obstucles in their lives:silver gunshot wounds, healing from abuse, mysteries of wolf pack rules, and why their is a rogue wolf in their wilderness attacking innocents of the world.

Now, that i have read all three book of the alpha omega series, everything makes a whole lot more sense not just stories but life wise. It saddness, me but it also gives me great joy at the same time. I also have a better understanding of others around me.

Thanks Patricia!

Love the necklace on the front cover.

Hint read the books in order first
On the Prowl
Cry Wolf
Hunting Ground

Then read the Mercy Thompson series
Moon Called
Blood called
Iron Kissed
Bone Crossed
Silver Borne-being released in the next few weeks

Friday, March 19, 2010

I got ...

DH's cold cooties.. Yucko..I've told him to keep them to himselve. Not cool!

Other than that a boring family day for tax preparation errands, a trip to the dentist for the kids one tooth pulled and the other teeth cleaned, and a late lunch at McDonald's.

Trying to finish my class assignment for the mini album course at two peas.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Forwarding awards

You download the image of your award you won. Follow the instructions..for that specificc award..

Then pay it forward..

Like the happy 101 you have list 10 things that make you happy and forward it to those that you want the others ones I forget but re-read how I did it.

I hope that helps.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


what is it really to us? This word definitely has many meanings and uses in today's society.

What did it mean in the past, present, and future?

I am sorry if this is a little to serious for you. I believe that its a subject matter we all should look at one time or other. Why such a serious discussion for a creative blog. Well, my inspiration came from watching the Blue Collar comedy: Trublue special. They were talking about it both lightly and seriously. I thought wow if these guys can confront this issue. Then why can't we regular, nonfamous people, and busy parents or guardins think about it and publically discuss it.

Put your input into it.

More Awards and Prize announcement

I received this award from stephanie at papercuts review.

Ten things that make me happy
1. Running when no one else is up.
2. Crazy colorful socks-the thigh high socks totally rock
3. Turning off the electronics and enjoying the day-time seems to slow down.
4. Snuggling with my kids-they mean the world to me.
5.Margaritas before I couldn't drink alcohol. For now flavored water.
6.Listening to music.
7.Reading of course if you haven't figured that out yet
8.Photography challenges are fun.
9.A good swim
10. A massage

Forwarding the award on to:
Jen Ayllson the project girl and co founder of the www.designhousedigital.com
Jo Lynne Valerie at www.jolynnevalerie.com

The winner of the challenge from last week is Casey. She guessed the right answer.
Casey email me your address, at meanmomdigitalproductions@gmail.com. I will send you a decorated pony tail. Just let me know big ponytail holder or small. One ribbon only or completely girlie decorated.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tranquality of a nice afternoon

It gives you perspective on things in your life.

My family or rather my husband's family is off and headed back home. It was nice having them for a visit. It was great to have help clothing shopping with my two kids because I actually had help finding and trying on things. It was great to have a back up on my short hair cut, and any problems I had with my kids.

As for my anniversy being good, is feed back from a microphone at a concert enticing to your ears or do you want to scream and run for cover. There was no "special" in our special day of any kind. I'm not even talking about the naughty snogging either, loves. I'm just talking a simple gesture of taking time for another. :( My husband was sick and choose to spend the day on the couch next to kids instead of in the bed with me. I did get a "happy anniversy" and a squosh on the butt however I didn't get the special one on one attention that each couple needs and deserves for each other on the said day. i got "no" to new flip flops and a pair of running shoes which both are needed to be replaced. Yet, he got an aqua pack and a new pair of hiking boots instead. A little selfish..yup. Do I feel like his queen and he is my king..no. Am I some what depressed over the fact that he left me out in the cold on our special day? Yup...does he know I am madder than the fires in hell themselves. He knows I am unhappy with him but it hasn't "clicked" as to how hurt, and angery I am; yet. When that will be? I dunno ask his hard head of his instead of his heart.

I love vacationing at home. Living in the desert is so nice. The majority of the time, you live in your outside eatting meals, playing, and just being human. Do I want to go any where the rest of the spring break. I would like to go to Michaels for some new ribbon, and the library. Other than that, no, not really. I might walk the kids down to the park to play but that's it. I just want to enjoy the beautiful days of spring break. I might weed our yard while in the process. Who knows by weeding the yard my Dh might actually get deweed too.

So, what if I have dirty dishes piled up in my sink. Who cares that my DH is still sick probably from allergies. The bed sheets need changing, but do they really. To take a week to get rid of cabin fever is worth coming home to a mess.

What do you agree with? How does spring make you feel?

To all those that hate spring forward and fall back, living in the desert we are not subject to that yet. The clocks stay the same no matter what time of the year, whither its the equinox or the end of the year.

Do I feel better from my rant and rave? Yes, I do. Do I feel left out while my family watches plant 51 together? Nope..I watch and do things with them all the time while DH is at work.

Is the nice afternoon giving me this, who cares attitude? Probably. Do I care? Not really. I just like the total feeling comfortably numb feeling like described by Pink Floyd song but without the illegal or legal drug effects. Its just the pure effects of nature, loves.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Its Our Anniversy today

That's right folks, the day once a year when a man and woman are suppose to devot entirely to each but reality is that it never happens that way with kids. Unless, you send them off to relatives house.

Here's an idea...why not try to take some time every day to do what you are suppose to do once a year.

My DH bought me Cry Wolf by Patricia Bringgs yesterday. Its awesome.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The song from Nothing to Loose

Okay, this first spiked my interest when I saw the entertainment article about it a few weeks. No I do not have the article anymore. I recycled the magazine due to company coming, thank you very much folks. I know you like me to post the spoilers but I absolutely can't.

So, I got to hear it, read the lyrics, and see comments about it on utube. The only thing that came to mind is a comment that Bret Michaels said on the Rock of Love season one during one of the challenges (may not be exact but close enough)"a lot of times we musicians pick the most hair raising pitch because it generates the most buzz and sales for us. We don't always agree with the the concept but if it means sales then we do it".

Is the song appropiate for little ears? Nope
Should you let your young children listen to it? That's each parental team's choice. Me, no not this one but I do let them listen to fallen because its as clean as it gets in today's time. Why fallen and not this one? Hmm good question. Compare the two lyrics at any lyric site and will find out why. I really can't say why other than I trust my gut instinct about things.

Are all the people raising cane doing exactly what Bret Michaels and Miley C. wanted? Yup. You've been sucked in just like they wanted. Do I have an opinion on this its forming but not yet ready to bloom. Why? Well, think about it.
Do I really want to judge others and then be judged by the same standards? Hmm.. actually I get judged worse no matter whither I open my mouth and speak or not. So, technically I am a person with a scarlet letter, a black sheep, or a red headed step child even though I really don't have red hair.

Even about this...

Now, i will announce the winner of seven statements in awards pay it forward sections next weekend. So, keep posting your answers. The winner will receive a decorated ponytail holder.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Commenters..leaving ads

Please stop. This is to those that are leaving ads for working aboard or from home, stop it please. This is not what i want my blog to be about. if you keep it up, can will be found out by the fcc and it will lead to major jail time for not respecting the do not wish to be contacted law. To which, I am notifying, my blog no longer wishes to have you leave this types of messages.

Please cease and decease or blogger will be forced to contact the fcc just about my blog but about the other blogs you have hacked into leaving this types of messages. Trust me, when I say you will get into trouble.

Everyone else who are my friends please continue. If you also have been hacked, you must a leave a message like this on your blog, then contact blogger about these annoying and unrespectful hackers. They can't do anything about unless you contact them.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Awards..pay it forward day..

So I got this award last week but due to time constrains I wasn't able to pay it forward. So, now I am forwarding it on. First, I have to list seven statements about myself. Only two of them are true. Take your best shot and guess which two are true. If you are listed as the pay it forward blog. Then please pay it forward when you can.
1. I have long hair.
2. i work my highschool dream job.
3. I work out two times a week.
4. I'm 30 something.
5. I don't have allergies
6. I have hot pink and purple hair.
7. My parents are still together.

1. All things Urban Fanasty-http://allthingsurbanfanasty.blogspot.com
2. Jen Markitis-http://jenniferann75.blogspot.com
3.Casey -http://creativecasey.blogspot.com
4.Michelle Underwood Designs-http://thiscrazylife-michelle.blogspot.com
5.Nichole Lablanc-http://nicloelablancphotography.blogspot.com
6. Kerry D Away Designs-http:kerrydawaydesigns.blogspot.com
7. Tia Bennet-http://tiabennet.typepad.com

Next award I won again from Paranormal haven, thanks ladies..
Seven statements that are true..
1. I love all kinds of music.
2. I like crime scene shows, csi las vegas and miami, ncis, criminal minds, mentalist
3. I do the Gibbs head slap occassionally but very gently with my Dh.
4. I drive a mini van and proud of it. It totally rocks out.
5. My dream vechile is a grand jeep cherokee limited edition full loaded to the max for 4 x4ing.
6. I have a ton of faith.
7. I am creative in every outlet of my life.

1. Quackers and Tease-http://quackersandtease.blogspot.com
2. Paper cut Reviews-http://papercut-reviews.blogspot.com
3. Aly-http://alydosall.blogspot.com
4. Heather-T Designs- http://oohlalaarsty.blogspot.comb
5. Gennifer-http://thebursettfamily.blogspot.comb
6. Stef's Style-http://stefstyle.blogspot.com
7. Grambo's Gramblings-http://grambo.typepad.com

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase is 16 years old. She finds out amazingly that she is the daughter of the king of faery of summer court. Boy, does it make the trouble of being sixteen look minor when she starts her journey.

i would defintely say, read this. Its good. It makes you go hmm the way the author ties the two different worlds together. Makes you wonder how badly we need science and technology. I definitely don't want to give any spoilers.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soapbox time...rumors

(this image came from my microsoft clip art from power point. These individuals featured are not involved in anyway. It is simply an image used to illustrate my point).

Let me give you the definition of what a rumor is because apparently there are some at my kids' school that don’t have the guts to come talk to me themselves to find out what is going in my life. Instead like to pass wild and life killing rumors.

Rumor : 1. Hearsay, common talk, unproven statement-vt 2. Put round as rumor by way of, rumor.

Anything said without talking to me directly is just that a rumor. It is not factually nor is it the truth. Before you go labeling people you need to look at the three fingers pointing back at you, labeling three major areas in your life that need fixing before you try to fix mine. I am already trying to fix mine without you butting in. Unless, I came to you directly with specifics, your advice is not welcomed nor your rumors needed. The only abnormal thing is you for spreading rumors. If you had an ounce of humanity and respect, you would zip your lips and stop spreading rumors, get on your knees to say a few prayers for those that you are concerned for, and my an appointment with your local priest, rabbi, or preacher to get help for your own problems.

Believe me when I say, your life is more sad, depressing, and uncaring than mine. I pity you for your need to ruin someone else’s life with lies, hate, and rumors. You only wish you had my strength, my courage, and basically my balls to stand up and fix something within my own family when something is wrong. There is a reason why you are named what you are, there are reasons why you were born in the order that you were, and there is a reason why you keep repeating the same mistakes in your life. You run away from your problems instead of facing them.

Me, I face them head on!!! I boldly go where you cannot, straight into the fires of hell of relationships with others to makes sure mine is getting on track. Leave me and my family alone, and fix your own you scardy cat, you wimp of a person(s), and focus on what really matters..your own self that needs a check into reality.

At this point, I am so glad I don’t work at that school or any place for that matter. I am so happy that I am a stay at home parent. I can really do some good. Unfortunately, due to your rumor mill, you will have just lost a much needed volunteer at the school and parent that could have made a difference. The only person you have to blame is yourselves because there are multiple people involved in this. When your dysfunction has been switched to functional then come see. When you have learned how others tick with disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, or OCD then will you become a better person(s) to work with whither paid or volunteer.

You wonder why your children are so shallow and without a compassionate bone in their body. You are teaching them to be that way by spreading and starting rumors. When parents decided to focus on raising their children to have humanity at the heart of the matter then and only then will the world be able to live in peace and help one another as we should. Change starts at home then it spreads like a virus causing things to bloom or people to create an environment that helpful and healing not destructive or abusive.

I challenge all my readers to take a stand against rumors. If you hear one about someone else, get their contact information. See if you can help not by being noisey but made cooking a dinner or picking up their kids from school or the bus stop one afternoon. Maybe, just letting them cry on your shoulder will be enough to make a difference. Tell the person who giving you the rumor, that they are not very nice and that you do not wish to discuss that person(s) unless they are present to defend themselves. That will start to make a difference in that person(s) live.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Perfect light..

The perfect light kit available from March 1st through March 31st at www.songbirdavenue.com

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm back...

After a week with no computer access, lonely time of where's my friends' and how are they doing, I wish the hell my neck and back would stop spasming; I finally have access back.

I missed everyone!!! HUgs to everyone from me.

I am doing much better. I cut 6 inches off my hair. It did not go over well with my Dh. He prefer I keep it long. Though, hair does grow back rather fast, I felt I needed to do it for my neck to heal. It felt like 6 thousand pounds where lifted off my shoulders. I had my second adjustment. Boy, do I feel better.

I will listing my award response later this week.

More hugs to everyone!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Update on down time

It looks like my pc is going to be down longer than expected. So, I am stuck in a rut until my Dh can work on my pc and many other things around the house before his parents get here. Its very frustrating and heartbreaking.

Oh for those of you wondering if our anniversy is still being celebrated. NOPE! It got cancelled. So, I'm not having a fun time of it right now.

Thanks for the award Paranormal Haven. I am emailing you shortly.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


windows vista crashed..not happy..but can move my neck and back better this week. A scheduled chiropractor visit on Friday.

Windows 7 should be installed later this week along with all my software that I need to be creative.

Thank you for all the well wishes. I truly deeply need them.