Thursday, March 11, 2010 it forward day..

So I got this award last week but due to time constrains I wasn't able to pay it forward. So, now I am forwarding it on. First, I have to list seven statements about myself. Only two of them are true. Take your best shot and guess which two are true. If you are listed as the pay it forward blog. Then please pay it forward when you can.
1. I have long hair.
2. i work my highschool dream job.
3. I work out two times a week.
4. I'm 30 something.
5. I don't have allergies
6. I have hot pink and purple hair.
7. My parents are still together.

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Next award I won again from Paranormal haven, thanks ladies..
Seven statements that are true..
1. I love all kinds of music.
2. I like crime scene shows, csi las vegas and miami, ncis, criminal minds, mentalist
3. I do the Gibbs head slap occassionally but very gently with my Dh.
4. I drive a mini van and proud of it. It totally rocks out.
5. My dream vechile is a grand jeep cherokee limited edition full loaded to the max for 4 x4ing.
6. I have a ton of faith.
7. I am creative in every outlet of my life.

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Casey Wright said...

You are so sweet Sam! Thanks for picking me... so I'm guessing that #3 and #4 are correct! :)

brett said...

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Katherine said...

Hey Sam ... I'm thinking #4 and #5 are the true statements.

Paper Cut Reviewer said...

Awww thanks Sam for the Award:) Also thanks for putting my blog button on your blog. That's awesome of you:) By the way your blog looks great!

Paper Cut Reviewer said...

I have an award for you on my blog:)

Nicole LeBlanc said...

4 & 5 are my guesses. How do I pass it on?
I'm a little new to this kind of thing :-)