Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Half day -again

This year is been full of half days for my kids. The School district to which they attended that it would easier to do half days rather than no school days for teacher workshops or teacher confrences. Normally it would not be a problem, as I was employed at a preschool/day care to which the kids come sit with me until I got off and came home. This year it is a problem because I do not have a job. I am job searching continously. Can you believe that most employers don't like the multiple have days and some months that many days of no school . I need a job that I can work from home, and still have the flexibility to be there of the crazy school schedule. Got a lead for me? Email couldn't hurt.

**Note to Everyone that has United Healthcare**
Open all enevolopes from this company that say health care statment of benefits. The company often inserts checks into these statements if you over paid for services that they were technically suppose to pay like emergancy room visits, surgeries, etc. Seriously, folks, my DH didn't open a piece a mail from them four years ago. Then he gave me the job of openning and sorting the legal size bankers box of "forgotten" items of his. Ikes!! I discover a nice check from the company. I called them to ensure the money was still available, common sense told me the check was probably already cancelled from the them, and needed a new one. Guess, what yes folks a new check was issued to me after four years and the fact we no longer have that coverage with that old policy. So, I promptly told DH since he failed to do his "services reendered" of husbandly duties, that I should receive a credit of new pair of runnign shoes from Nike Store regardless of price. Guess, what he agreed.

So, I am sitting here totally wasting time for the third day in the row. I am waiting on the Cox Cable company to come and fix a service that is so messed up that we got a credit off our next bill. Yet, after researching the service, the tech on the telephone discovered that its been going on a lot longer than a month unknown to us. Guess, what? Once the tech fixes the problem. i will be demanding a percentage off our bill for the next 6 months since it is their fault.


Casey Wright said...

Yikes! Half days would be hard on us since we both work... Our school district has been toying with the idea of going to a 4 day school week. Doesn't affect us now, but it would in a few years... ugh! Happy Friday!

Jen Martakis said...

What a nice surprise to find that check! Enjoy your new shoes. ;) ;) :)

Our school system totally did away with half days. Now, every Wednesday morning we have what is called "late start". The kids go in 50 minutes later than usual and the teachers get their workshop time. It works well for us.