Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Soul To Save by Rachel Vincent

Kaylee, Nash, and Tod are the three musketrees in this book. Kaylee a female been shide, Nash a male been shide, and Tod a dead been shilde turned reaper. Kaylee and Nash have enough on their plate just being teens add the fact that Nash and his mom Harmony have the task of teaching Kaylee about her hertige as a been shide, Kaylee's father riddle with guilt over Kaylee and her mother's death, and bunch of other events that were beyond their control. This book shows what a little heart in a situation can do, and that plans don't always work the way you think they will.

It took me longer to get through the book than anticipated. It's a great book. I loved it. The story line was relatable, and you could honestly see some of this stuff actually occuring.

Read it.

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Athenna said...

hmmm i have not read this series of hers yet.. what do you think should i check it out ? i do love her other series..