Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vampire Kisses The Beginning by Ellen Schreiber

Raven, Alexander, Trevor, Luna, Jagger, silbings and small town living. I laughed, I cried, and I couldn't put the book down. My Dh even commented on how, I was almost done with the book. I naturally corrected him, that it was three books in one. The first three in the series. It was nice to hold one big book verses checking out three different books. Psst, I have book four on request at the library to be picked later this week.

Anyone can relate to Raven and Alexander. I truly felt like the author had been watching me in High School expect I was not goth. Though, if I had choosen too, I'm sure my mother would have supported my decission. Though, I gave her a good laugh one time. A relative called wanting to know why I was mad at them. The family wanted to send me flowers. I was so mad that I blurted out, send me black roses because that's what I am to you a black sheep or stain you want to get rid of. Apparently, to this day, they still don't get me, which is fine they didn't get their dead sister apparently either. So, its nice I resemble her and carry on her boldness. Enough about me more about the book.

I always stuck up for the little guy/gal in highschool even if it meant taking on someone like the character Trevor. I never really got beaten up but I did make enemies with a girl that was jealous that I didn't care what she thought and disapproved of her way of treating people ( had almost forgotten about her until now.Though, her name fails me now, just shows everyone that really people the crap in highschool isn't as important as you make it out to be). One time I stood up to a jock. My mom knew about it before I even got home to tell her. Expect my town wasn't that small in fact, it was larger than dullsville. So, to say, I could totally relate to the way the book is written is an understatement.

Here's a quote my healthy blog. "I really don't have one but author Ellen Schrierber makes some excellent points about rumors and treating people right now matter how they look or act in her Vampire Kisses series. You may not be into the whole paranormal books but this series totally hits the right spot for teaching lessons in humanity. "

Now, I want the choker on teh cover with the red black fabric to make a skirt. I just might break down and measure my waist, buy the darn fabric and sew it myself by hand. I said almost..I didn't say I was doing it today people. I think the two would look excellent together. Now, where would I wear this gorgeous skirt and choker..I don't know to my kids school with a nice black shirt or tank top. Its kicken..

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