Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tranquality of a nice afternoon

It gives you perspective on things in your life.

My family or rather my husband's family is off and headed back home. It was nice having them for a visit. It was great to have help clothing shopping with my two kids because I actually had help finding and trying on things. It was great to have a back up on my short hair cut, and any problems I had with my kids.

As for my anniversy being good, is feed back from a microphone at a concert enticing to your ears or do you want to scream and run for cover. There was no "special" in our special day of any kind. I'm not even talking about the naughty snogging either, loves. I'm just talking a simple gesture of taking time for another. :( My husband was sick and choose to spend the day on the couch next to kids instead of in the bed with me. I did get a "happy anniversy" and a squosh on the butt however I didn't get the special one on one attention that each couple needs and deserves for each other on the said day. i got "no" to new flip flops and a pair of running shoes which both are needed to be replaced. Yet, he got an aqua pack and a new pair of hiking boots instead. A little selfish..yup. Do I feel like his queen and he is my king..no. Am I some what depressed over the fact that he left me out in the cold on our special day? Yup...does he know I am madder than the fires in hell themselves. He knows I am unhappy with him but it hasn't "clicked" as to how hurt, and angery I am; yet. When that will be? I dunno ask his hard head of his instead of his heart.

I love vacationing at home. Living in the desert is so nice. The majority of the time, you live in your outside eatting meals, playing, and just being human. Do I want to go any where the rest of the spring break. I would like to go to Michaels for some new ribbon, and the library. Other than that, no, not really. I might walk the kids down to the park to play but that's it. I just want to enjoy the beautiful days of spring break. I might weed our yard while in the process. Who knows by weeding the yard my Dh might actually get deweed too.

So, what if I have dirty dishes piled up in my sink. Who cares that my DH is still sick probably from allergies. The bed sheets need changing, but do they really. To take a week to get rid of cabin fever is worth coming home to a mess.

What do you agree with? How does spring make you feel?

To all those that hate spring forward and fall back, living in the desert we are not subject to that yet. The clocks stay the same no matter what time of the year, whither its the equinox or the end of the year.

Do I feel better from my rant and rave? Yes, I do. Do I feel left out while my family watches plant 51 together? Nope..I watch and do things with them all the time while DH is at work.

Is the nice afternoon giving me this, who cares attitude? Probably. Do I care? Not really. I just like the total feeling comfortably numb feeling like described by Pink Floyd song but without the illegal or legal drug effects. Its just the pure effects of nature, loves.


Erica T. in Ohio said...

I am married 22 years. I wish I could say it was roses and daffodils but the best "gift" I get is time to myself which is not what I usually have in mind. Anniversaries tend to reflect the course of the year, and good anniversaries tend to (in my life) reflect the more peaceful years. It is all going to be OK, as long as you are together, you have a chance at better anniversaries!

jowel said...

I had one of those recently too.. our 30th wedding anniversary. We just came back from a holiday so not much money to throw around but I got him a lovely personal gift and a nice card. We usually have our morning coffee/tea outside so I went and got my gift and gave it to him. He had absolutely NOTHING for me on our 30th wedding anniversary - not even a card! Said he didn't even think of it. He went out for the morning and eventually came back at lunch time with a beautiful card, a single rose and a bottle of perfume I get every mothers day, birthday and Christmas. (I love it of course but not for my anniversary!!!) He said he couldn't find anything else.

We finished a rather sad day with a beautiful dinner at a very nice restaurant. Unfortunately I was still smarting with a gift he felt he HAD to purchase.

Our expectations are often far too high for our partners to fully live up to. I get that. Its obvious your lovely partner was just far too sick and therefore self absorbed to consider any romanticism that you expected on the day. Talk about it with him in a non judgmental way, far removed from the day and who knows, you may have some pretty special anniversaries ahead! Hope is a great thing to live for. LOL

Sorry for the essay and advice.

jowel said...

PS...sorry its me again.

Well done on writing about this on your blog! I would never dare.