Saturday, March 13, 2010

The song from Nothing to Loose

Okay, this first spiked my interest when I saw the entertainment article about it a few weeks. No I do not have the article anymore. I recycled the magazine due to company coming, thank you very much folks. I know you like me to post the spoilers but I absolutely can't.

So, I got to hear it, read the lyrics, and see comments about it on utube. The only thing that came to mind is a comment that Bret Michaels said on the Rock of Love season one during one of the challenges (may not be exact but close enough)"a lot of times we musicians pick the most hair raising pitch because it generates the most buzz and sales for us. We don't always agree with the the concept but if it means sales then we do it".

Is the song appropiate for little ears? Nope
Should you let your young children listen to it? That's each parental team's choice. Me, no not this one but I do let them listen to fallen because its as clean as it gets in today's time. Why fallen and not this one? Hmm good question. Compare the two lyrics at any lyric site and will find out why. I really can't say why other than I trust my gut instinct about things.

Are all the people raising cane doing exactly what Bret Michaels and Miley C. wanted? Yup. You've been sucked in just like they wanted. Do I have an opinion on this its forming but not yet ready to bloom. Why? Well, think about it.
Do I really want to judge others and then be judged by the same standards? Hmm.. actually I get judged worse no matter whither I open my mouth and speak or not. So, technically I am a person with a scarlet letter, a black sheep, or a red headed step child even though I really don't have red hair.

Even about this...

Now, i will announce the winner of seven statements in awards pay it forward sections next weekend. So, keep posting your answers. The winner will receive a decorated ponytail holder.


Casey Wright said...

You are great Sam - I love reading your blog b/c you lay it all on the line and I truly respect that! Thanks for always being true to yourself!

mean mom productions said...

Thanks Casey! I appreciate it.