Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soapbox time...rumors

(this image came from my microsoft clip art from power point. These individuals featured are not involved in anyway. It is simply an image used to illustrate my point).

Let me give you the definition of what a rumor is because apparently there are some at my kids' school that don’t have the guts to come talk to me themselves to find out what is going in my life. Instead like to pass wild and life killing rumors.

Rumor : 1. Hearsay, common talk, unproven statement-vt 2. Put round as rumor by way of, rumor.

Anything said without talking to me directly is just that a rumor. It is not factually nor is it the truth. Before you go labeling people you need to look at the three fingers pointing back at you, labeling three major areas in your life that need fixing before you try to fix mine. I am already trying to fix mine without you butting in. Unless, I came to you directly with specifics, your advice is not welcomed nor your rumors needed. The only abnormal thing is you for spreading rumors. If you had an ounce of humanity and respect, you would zip your lips and stop spreading rumors, get on your knees to say a few prayers for those that you are concerned for, and my an appointment with your local priest, rabbi, or preacher to get help for your own problems.

Believe me when I say, your life is more sad, depressing, and uncaring than mine. I pity you for your need to ruin someone else’s life with lies, hate, and rumors. You only wish you had my strength, my courage, and basically my balls to stand up and fix something within my own family when something is wrong. There is a reason why you are named what you are, there are reasons why you were born in the order that you were, and there is a reason why you keep repeating the same mistakes in your life. You run away from your problems instead of facing them.

Me, I face them head on!!! I boldly go where you cannot, straight into the fires of hell of relationships with others to makes sure mine is getting on track. Leave me and my family alone, and fix your own you scardy cat, you wimp of a person(s), and focus on what really matters..your own self that needs a check into reality.

At this point, I am so glad I don’t work at that school or any place for that matter. I am so happy that I am a stay at home parent. I can really do some good. Unfortunately, due to your rumor mill, you will have just lost a much needed volunteer at the school and parent that could have made a difference. The only person you have to blame is yourselves because there are multiple people involved in this. When your dysfunction has been switched to functional then come see. When you have learned how others tick with disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, or OCD then will you become a better person(s) to work with whither paid or volunteer.

You wonder why your children are so shallow and without a compassionate bone in their body. You are teaching them to be that way by spreading and starting rumors. When parents decided to focus on raising their children to have humanity at the heart of the matter then and only then will the world be able to live in peace and help one another as we should. Change starts at home then it spreads like a virus causing things to bloom or people to create an environment that helpful and healing not destructive or abusive.

I challenge all my readers to take a stand against rumors. If you hear one about someone else, get their contact information. See if you can help not by being noisey but made cooking a dinner or picking up their kids from school or the bus stop one afternoon. Maybe, just letting them cry on your shoulder will be enough to make a difference. Tell the person who giving you the rumor, that they are not very nice and that you do not wish to discuss that person(s) unless they are present to defend themselves. That will start to make a difference in that person(s) live.


Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy] said...

Rumors can be so damaging. Thanks for sharing.

daniel said...

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