Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday Sunburn, Saturday crazy day

Yesterday was another half day. More teacher confrences. Though, I have to say, I wish all spring days were half days, and winter days where longer days of school. I know totally crazy right? Well, think about winter no one really goes outside any ways its either to cold, to windy, or its a blizzard in some places. Why not take advantage of the time use it to educate our kids?

I mean seriously, spring is for planting, playing, and flockering until the summer heat hits full blast. So, I am totally one of these mom's that if they don't miss a lot of school, I purposely pull them out in the spring after the fact of absent counting to play hookey at the party, or ride their bikes. No, I'm joking. My kids do good and school. The occassional surprise is good.

After we meet, friends at the park, we stayed for 2 1/2 hours. I got sun burned for not putting enough sun screen on. Then we had another 2 hours of downtown in which I finished up an altered clipboard for a coach, got the little one ready for soccer, and discovered my oldest was having stomach issues again. Probably from trading snacks or drinks with friends when the oldest knows not too.

We came back, got taco bell for dinner. It stinks when groceries run out at breakfast time.

Bed, early for more soccer pictures, and soccer game. My 10k race got cancelled due to time constrains.

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