Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Digi chat -delayed

To all my friends awaiting to get into the site for our weekly digi chat. I can't get back into the site for the chat. I started a thread but it posted four different times. So, if you are in there chatting away let everyone know I'm locked out due to the site is currently overloaded.

Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs

She did it again. She wrote a book I could not put down. I have to say it left me wondering what is going to happen with the next book. I really do hope the characters Ryan and Tempe get back together. they play well with each other.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Tutorial in the the Tutorial Seciton

Okay I figured it out. yes, how to make the new program to resize to an even setting. It has the step by step instructions for anyone just starting out. I hope ths helps. I know I was about to throw in the towel and actually demand money for photoshop or paintshop pro. Now, I am glad I didn't. Have exploring the new software with me. You got a tip or two..post it to the comments section.

Learning new software

Okay so I finally got new software for my graphic design and digital scrapbooking. I am a little frustrated because the only way you can get any answers is by logging in the message board for the product. They have the board set up nice in all but they leave out a section called for newbies and you basic set up questions. Yes, they have tutorial section but it does not have a specific thread for basic set up questions like what is the setting for 12 x 12 digital scrapbooking applicaiton. I found one thread to size for a 4 x 6 card its over two years old and the tutorial link is no longer good.

I found somebody that downlaod the beginners instructions/manual but guess what I could not find it any where on the message board the website for downloadable instructions. You'd think they would automatically give that for those that are moving up from the basic to the complicated learning curve. I guess they forget that there are some folks lower down on the learning curve that need simplier instructions for getting started.

Not sure if I like this or not ...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Puzzled, muffled, and at a lost

Okay, what is up with parents today? I mean other parents. Why don't they want teachers to reinstill the respect and obidence values that they are teaching at home? Why do they think that their kids are complete angels and would not do a thing wrong?

I am the first one when the school calls to say, "What did or didn't they do?""What is the plan of action that I need to correspond with the school?" etc.

Today I found out that parents arent happy right now. Their kids are telling them we are taking certain activities or not doing them. I looked at my director and said, yes they weren't allowed to this activity because they were acting like this. She said oh well that makes sense. yes, they were not allowed to talk during lunch on said dates because of this type of behavior. She said oh that is definitely appropiate discipline for that situation. I said they should really understand that I can not allow this type of behavior because it is a liability for the center and for the parents.

I'm sssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo aggreviated with parents. Oh, we can't teach them to say ma'am and sir when responding to us. When the heck did society stop teaching manners and politeness. OH, yes.... I'm too old school.

When did we begin to allow our children to dictate the way they are allowed to be expected to behave. Yes, we can learn from children and children can learn from us. When did the roles reverse?

My kids say ma'am and sir, and my kids know they aren't suppose to talk if I catch them with bad table manners.

Any other teachers, care takers, etc...out there experiencing this?

Wake up parents and look at how your kids are really behaving...they have forgotten the importance of using manners and respect.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday night

I really should be asleep, organizing the classroom papers for tomorrows lessons, or reading my book. Though my interest is peeked by the cbs preimer week and I just happened to be able to relax a bit now that my class is settling down with the return of the other teacher in the room.

I am enjoying down time of doing nothing. The view is not like that of a beach scene or of sitting on a balcony of a mountain cabin inhaling the evening air. Its of a television shows instead. though not what most people consider relaxing, right now after weeks of tension its just what the doctor ordered. Nothing just doing nothing.

I'd rather hear the crickets call in the night, with the soothing sound of a creek or a waterfall in the distance, and the stillness in it being just night.

Am I rambling? Probably..reflecting or using my mind to relax myself further to the point of sleep. Yes and no.

What do you do when at ease? Do you sip a special drink, take a bubble bath with lots of bubbles, turn down the lights and start a few candles with an enchanting spell or maybe just take yourslef away better than calgone commerical with thoughts of an ultimate vacation or a moment in time that remains with you to give you strength when your down or relax you when there is no time to relax.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Full Moon Monkey Week

Okay after a very long week not just proffessionally but personally. I have decided to call every week that has a full moon in it, A Full Moon Monkey Week.

It seems everything and everyone in it acts very strangely or freaky for some apparent reason. Why? I don't know. I know they say its an urban legend that people are affected by the moon. Though my experience in life dedicts other wise.

So, if you have a really full moon money week, feel free to post your experiences in the comment section. It makes everyone feel better to get the stress off their chest.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The nerve of

the guy who insulted my friend in a business meeting yesterday. You know who you are and you know you were out of line. I would highly suggested that you apologized to my friend in front of everyone that was there. To look at a mom who had a baby a few months ago and accuse her of being obeses was just plain "d" nasty, inpolite, and quit rude. You must have forgotten your manners that your mama brought you up with because if she heard what you said she would raise up from the grave and slap you.

Everyone knows you don't tell someone even indirectly that they are fat or obese. Where was you brain dude? Apparently, you don't have a good one because you were quit ugly yesterday. Where is the sensitivity that you are suppose approach certain subjects like obesity with? Apparently lost at sea because you certainly did hold your tongue or find better words to use.

Since, my friend has better sensibility, manners, and eqitte than you I will speak up for her to you. You have no right to say what you did...I expect to hear an apology really soon. Trust me I will know if you have apologized.

To my friend, know that you are loved by many, honored by all, and you are my friend most of all...

I hope you have a better day today...{{hugs}}

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kathy Riechs new Book

I'm so excited that her new book is finally in. The libary said a copy will be reserved for me in the next couple of days to read. I can guarantee I won't be doing any graphic designing because I will have turned into a book worm!

I believe its called the Devils Bones.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Update on family affected by Hurricane Ike

Everyone is fine. they have lots of trees down. They have absouletely no power. They left a voicemail to let me know that everyone is okay. Just hot..getting hotter due to no power. I hopefully can reach everyone on their cell phones or home phones in a few days. The lan lines are currently ringing busy and the only way they reached me was on a limited amount of cell phone towers that are up.

Please keep them in your prayers as they clean up.

Currently, I am a grouchy mom because I so concerned about my family.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Annoying Saturday

Okay, I took my children to my local librarty this morning after seeing they were going to have a science lab project for their age group. We get there on time as adverstied but were told they had started at 10:30 am and that my children could not participate but could observe. Why? My loving and protective husband inquired. The person in charge replied in a very rude and better than now tone that we had to pre-regrister for this activity.

We took our children and went to the actually library for awhile, so, my husband could go find out what the deal was. He found out that we did need to pre-regrister and the time had been changed without changing the sign. So, he regristered the children for the next session and regristered that if there was a time change we be notified immediately. Now, I know my momma bear mode was kicking in when I gave a look of total disgust toware the person running the science lab.

Not to mention my children were extremely tired from the week to begin with. To get them to get ready was a bit of a struggle, and they really weren't acting great. Well, lets just say they showed completely out their bad side in the library. I wound up carrying one out acting awful. This really didn't make my saturday considering I was recovering from a very bad migrane.

On top of it, I learned that the eye of the hurricane passed over a location where I have family living at in Texas. I was able to reach them via phone but the other family members were unreachable. I was very distraught.

If you are in an annoyed mode or protective mode...join and have a voice in the comments.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Assorted Blowpop Squirt Elements

This elements kit are pictures I took of lunch boxes owned by family members. I have edited these pictures to use in a layout. The layout won. I have release the edited photos for your use.

You will need to change the background from white to transparency with your transparency function in your digital scrapbook program.

Please leave comments.

Assorted Blowpop Squirt Elements Kit.zip

Family Member Home

Okay we are home as of10:30 pm last night. Every thing is fine and everyone is happy that it is over.

We are just very tired and very grumpy. May not be online much today.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts everyone!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

update on family situation

after four hours of waiting it will be another hour until they start surgery..

Family Emergancy

Okay, so I had my freak out moment last night once I made the arrangements I was responsible for to make sure that I am availaable for my family member having unexpected surgery today a noon. There are many that know this person is my rock. This person is also a rock for my kids as well. They did not take the news well when they found out that this person had to go to the hospital for the doctors to make them feel better.

So, if you pray I'd appreciate. To my work thanks for stepping up to bat and offerring assistance. I really needed that!

To the rest of my family here with us. Thanks for the calls and stepping up to bat to take care of the other details that I normally take care of in a normal day for this mom.

Monday, September 8, 2008

School Days Flower

Okay, I am a little disappointed with the way this turned. The flower was not blurred as much as I would like it to. The wind was blowing and the cell phone camera did not catch the movement as much as i would like. Power point does not have a filter option for blur as the more expensive software packages. I still tried my best with this layout. I just wanted to let everyone that when you work with digital programs there will be times you won't be totally pleased by something but its okay. keep trying. I promise you will eventually get!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Better Day Today

One I feel better. Two the weather is not acting like it is going to rain. Three I think we are starting to get back on schedule every where.

I pulled the kiddos out of school early to come home and rest a bit more with their allergies acting up. Homework has started without much fuss which is good.

Quality Play Time Kit

This kit was inspired by a toy tag that was on a birthday gift a family member received in August. I just loved the color combination and its cheeriness. I thought it was perfect. It has paper, ribbons and frames, and word art that was hand written by me.

Remember on the word art, ribbon, and frame you will have to choose the transparency mode to make the white background disappear. Basic paint doesn't have that feature yet.

Quality Playtime Kit.zip

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Monday on a Tuesday

Okay, this feels like a Monday instead of Tuesday. I went to go to sleep last night and couldn't breath. I can't tell if its a cold, allergies, or a combination of both. Its making me feel like crap.

The kids in my class were wild children today. Almost asked them if they ate pure sugar for breakfast but I knew they hadn't. Hopefully it will be easier tomorrow due to the fact they are back on schedule.

Now, for the infamous homework time with my kids including both us giving each other those will battle is fixing to take place. Though currently they both are sitting down doing their stuff without much fuss.

Thank Goodnesssssssssssssssssssss!!!

Did I forget to mention that DH is running later thanks to work. Yeah its definitely a Monday on a Tuesday.

Anyone else having a Monday on a Tuesday? Post your day in the comments. Join in some stress relieve.