Saturday, September 13, 2008

Annoying Saturday

Okay, I took my children to my local librarty this morning after seeing they were going to have a science lab project for their age group. We get there on time as adverstied but were told they had started at 10:30 am and that my children could not participate but could observe. Why? My loving and protective husband inquired. The person in charge replied in a very rude and better than now tone that we had to pre-regrister for this activity.

We took our children and went to the actually library for awhile, so, my husband could go find out what the deal was. He found out that we did need to pre-regrister and the time had been changed without changing the sign. So, he regristered the children for the next session and regristered that if there was a time change we be notified immediately. Now, I know my momma bear mode was kicking in when I gave a look of total disgust toware the person running the science lab.

Not to mention my children were extremely tired from the week to begin with. To get them to get ready was a bit of a struggle, and they really weren't acting great. Well, lets just say they showed completely out their bad side in the library. I wound up carrying one out acting awful. This really didn't make my saturday considering I was recovering from a very bad migrane.

On top of it, I learned that the eye of the hurricane passed over a location where I have family living at in Texas. I was able to reach them via phone but the other family members were unreachable. I was very distraught.

If you are in an annoyed mode or protective mode...join and have a voice in the comments.

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