Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Puzzled, muffled, and at a lost

Okay, what is up with parents today? I mean other parents. Why don't they want teachers to reinstill the respect and obidence values that they are teaching at home? Why do they think that their kids are complete angels and would not do a thing wrong?

I am the first one when the school calls to say, "What did or didn't they do?""What is the plan of action that I need to correspond with the school?" etc.

Today I found out that parents arent happy right now. Their kids are telling them we are taking certain activities or not doing them. I looked at my director and said, yes they weren't allowed to this activity because they were acting like this. She said oh well that makes sense. yes, they were not allowed to talk during lunch on said dates because of this type of behavior. She said oh that is definitely appropiate discipline for that situation. I said they should really understand that I can not allow this type of behavior because it is a liability for the center and for the parents.

I'm sssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo aggreviated with parents. Oh, we can't teach them to say ma'am and sir when responding to us. When the heck did society stop teaching manners and politeness. OH, yes.... I'm too old school.

When did we begin to allow our children to dictate the way they are allowed to be expected to behave. Yes, we can learn from children and children can learn from us. When did the roles reverse?

My kids say ma'am and sir, and my kids know they aren't suppose to talk if I catch them with bad table manners.

Any other teachers, care takers, etc...out there experiencing this?

Wake up parents and look at how your kids are really behaving...they have forgotten the importance of using manners and respect.

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