Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday night

I really should be asleep, organizing the classroom papers for tomorrows lessons, or reading my book. Though my interest is peeked by the cbs preimer week and I just happened to be able to relax a bit now that my class is settling down with the return of the other teacher in the room.

I am enjoying down time of doing nothing. The view is not like that of a beach scene or of sitting on a balcony of a mountain cabin inhaling the evening air. Its of a television shows instead. though not what most people consider relaxing, right now after weeks of tension its just what the doctor ordered. Nothing just doing nothing.

I'd rather hear the crickets call in the night, with the soothing sound of a creek or a waterfall in the distance, and the stillness in it being just night.

Am I rambling? Probably..reflecting or using my mind to relax myself further to the point of sleep. Yes and no.

What do you do when at ease? Do you sip a special drink, take a bubble bath with lots of bubbles, turn down the lights and start a few candles with an enchanting spell or maybe just take yourslef away better than calgone commerical with thoughts of an ultimate vacation or a moment in time that remains with you to give you strength when your down or relax you when there is no time to relax.

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