Monday, August 31, 2009

Tuesday Freebie

I know its still considered Monday. Its starting to form my to do list for tuesday.

i will see everyone at 2peas chat at noon pst on the digi board.

Here's my freebie for August/September 2009.

We Moved overlay Frames

I just came to a hard realization about my life, my marriage, and the future. Its not too pretty. My life could double for the Jerry McGuire Movie without the happy ending as of tonight. If you have not watched the movie with Renee and Tom Cruise, then you should. It will be a peep into watch my life is like expect I have not real job skills other than teaching preschool. The thunder and lighthing in the background only reflects the deep senese of pain, anger, and frustration that is ever building inside me. Not like my DH will ever admit that instead of turning to me,to say, that he was wrong for not confiding his feelings about the very real possiblity that in October or November he may not have job. He accuses of me of being on the internet day and night, not doing anything with the house, the kids, or making sure the kids have a good school year. I can see a person in similar stature as Cubing Jr asking my DH one day "Do you really love her? Did you get with her for the free sex that marriage provides?" I will probably spend the next week not only alone but on the couch in the den by myself. Are the kids spending the night in their own beds that we just spent thousands of dollars and a promise from them and my DH that he and I would spend more time together. NO..its me a book or a television show until I fall asleep from emotional exhaugstion. IF you wonder if we argue like in the movie..expect tonight in front of the kids some what. I understand his frustrations from my life as a single parent just before we meet and married. He forgets I can totally see and understand his trust.

If it wasn't for my strong intrigity side of me, i would say I could be open for a sugar daddy or a sugar momma for my DH but I am not. Honestly, I couldn't take the feeling of failure and a broken promise to God that I would not go that route. I wouldn't even sell my soul to the devil to stay alive longer if involved in a traumic experience for my kids. That is how strong my intrigity side is now with maturity and age. At one point in my youth, I wasn't that good of being a person of intrigity. I lost sight of what is the important thing in life. Not winning the race in first place but just crossing the finish.

So, with only tears and snot running down all over me (which is gross btw), the sound of awful thunder, and an occasional flash of lighing. I sit here, numb all over, and a heart that is breaking until the might hand of realization hits my husband from up above of what a jerk he has been. If he only knew, I had his back. I am going to give up entering into a 5k race in october, so, I won't be accused of spending money that we needed in case he looses his job.

Did i have a relaxing night as planned? Maybe a joint foot massage with my DH? No..just a night alone again. Baseball playing in the background that is tied 2 to 2..does it matter. DH says I won't watch the game with him anymore. Hell, I am trying to read a book that is a thick a piece of granite that is due back next week. BTW, The Hour I First Wally Lamb..go but tear jerker. It takes awhile to get involved and see the insights of lessons learned.It is worth finishing.

How I wish I could just stand in the rain pouring down cool showers on me without the fear of being struck by lighting? Would it change my situation? NO. It would just feel good. Better than a box of chocolates, an alcoholic drink, and a good time with my DH. No. It would temporarily let me refreshed, renewed, re-uped for bat...I couldn't think of any more "re" words at the moment.

I wish I could find a job that I could work from home, make more money than my DH, relieve his stress, and his burden. Expect, my limited work skills. If I had only gone through my 2 year degree program. IF's If's If' DH says its too late to go back and improve your skills. I say thats the biggest amount of horse crap I have ever heard in my life. Its never too late unless you are on your death bed have your last rites read to you.

Am I anger and frustrated at this point? Yes. Am I here hurting like a two year old who's hair has just been pulled by a classmate? Yes.

Do I want a simple solution to a complicated situation? NO/Yes..only if its of intrigity.

I am sorry to fill your screens with dispairing news with already dispairing economy. I have no wear else to turn. My once supportive in laws are now unable to take any long conversations about problems. They have way to many they need to sort out and deal with themselves. Not to mention probably finanical as well but you didn't hear that from. I just need to vent. I need to get back to I can do anything because of he who lives me frame of mind. This the only way I know...let it go..let it show..say it. see it admit it..accept it..then determine on how I change anything if at all. Accept the outcome whatever it maybe...

Thanks for listening to me silently through the internet. I know this is probably keeping from getting on a design team or even a paid position with any company. I would rather be honest then show how I am good no matter what the circumstances are through my work and actions..

Monday Mundae

What do you think? My watermark I designed. I may come up with a different one.

Sorry to my readers for yesterday's post. Its just I was so sick. The one person I needed to help relax and go to sleep was my DH. He was sound asleep and snoring may I add in the bed. I was alone and miserable. The only song that kept popping in my head was fallen by bret michaels. I finally just concentrated on the lyrics until i fell asleep alone on the bathroom floor with a pillow and sheets.

Apparently, DH didn't or doesn't have a clue as to how I am feeling. I was pretty much left alone yesterday. Though I could have used some chilly bumps or gentle leg rubs.

I may not be posting much this week. Sorry. I just have a busy week again.

So, I will catch up with you later.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunday Ad inspiration

So here is this week's ad inspiration. I hope this helps you get stuff done.

As for me, I have been having so much fun at 2peas this past two weeks. its been get inspired by another pea then a garden girl. So, I have been busy!!!

As for my day, another crazy day. When I woke, there was no time for Saturday doddle and relaxation. It was get dressed without a shower, (which when living in a desert community you really need a shower in the morning and at night phew eeiie), we are going out to breakast. I took pictures of this hole in a wall joint that was pretty good. The stuff around the resturant was more interesting than what was in it.

Then it was the wal-mart trip from living...horror show. The kiddos immediately showing their animal side by not minding and running out into the busy parking lot unescorted by one of us...(heart attack/stroke for us). Needless to say, a mini lecture with the threat of loosing their precious nintendo ds if they did not get it in gear. Did their minds and actions connect? didn't. Needless to say, we left the store without some things that we needed and clothing items that I desperately needed for myself. I have to say, this friday will be drop the kids off at school high tailing it down to a store and shop for myself. NO joke..

We came home. Then the ultimate migrane hit. The kind that makes any sufferer want to hurl all over the walls, floors, and ceiling out doing the polytergist movie special effects any day. I begged pleaded with DH to turn the tv in our room down, rub my head, and help me feel better. I got head rubbing with a slight added headache. He didn't mean to but he accidentally "plopped" his hand down because he couldn't stop watching a John Wayne movie to see how I was doing. I knew i couldn't just close myself off in the bedroom closet. God forbid, I might actually get some rest and get rid of the migrane.

I finally gave up. I went into the livingroom with my Kathy Reichs book. No kids, no DH, and no noise other than the appliances powering up and powering down as predetermined by their motors/programing. About the time, I actually start to relax but no relieve from said headache. The decision was made that the entire family will be attending the baseball game an hour away. I begged pleaded, and tried to get one of my children to stay at the house with me. No go. So, the entire trip was spent buried in the book with a hand to my mouth, hoping I could keep from hurling what little food I had gotten down today. Just about the time, we pull up to the staduim parking structure, I almost lost it. DH finally realizes that the trip to the baseball game for me wasn't a good idea. He had this "OH Crap (expect that wasn't the word running through his head)" look across his face.

So, we made it through the game, on sunflower seeds and water until the middle of the 6th inning. Then Dh was like lets leave. Let's go to a resturant and sit down to eat. I kept trying with all my mental strength to silently convince him that we needed a deli not barbeque. He went to barbeque anyways. Needless, to say the meal was not worth what we paid. We won't be returning.

He finally realized as he put the kids down to sleep that I couldn't laid down still. He inquired...again nausea with the stomach rumblings that everyone knows as the warnings that one end or the other will be loosing what you just tried to digest for dinner. It will happen sometime in the evening..timing of the event unknown. You will be given just enough warning to make it to the bathroom for privacy as your body revolts from one end or both. Needless, I have already done one end. I won't gross you out with tmi details.

Its gonna be a long night, of unproductivity, unless you count several trips to the bathroom productivity. I am sure most male readers would agreed in their language that is productivity. In the female productivity language that would mean multitasking away in the kitchen, laundry, and den area on several projects what seems almost at once. Reality is that it is over a two hour time period but we make it appear as we have accomplished it all at once.

Now, I sit at the computer typing this for tomorrow. I have solitude for my revolting body as I age with a battle to find my own personal fountain of youth within myself. Hoping I just haven't grossed out my only 9 readers at this point.

I'll catch up with you later.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Check out my alpha embellishment

I created this for a backschool challenge at 2peas. I will be creating a second for the other teacher. It was so easy I love..

TGi Friday Farts, Fans, and Figures

I'm sitting here at my computer wasting time. I am enjoying the solitude silence of the house minus the sound of washer running through the remaining part of a cycle. Thinking how nice is this with lots on my plate still left to do for the day. Thinking to myself, why can't everyday be this peaceful with everyone home. No whining, no fighting, no rude behavior then giggles, and definitely no dirty dishes. The pop goes that bubble of fanasty knowing that it will be that by 5:00 pm tonight. Everyone exhaugsted from this week's activites, heat wave with extra humidity not typical for the desert. I do hope that it rains soon. We are in desperate need of a good monsoon state wide.

This week two of my online friends got to meet in person. Happy for them, and at the same time I wish I could have been there. I feel like some of my online friends could be adopted as new family members simply because they just terrific. Enjoy you two!

I don't have many friends where I live yet. I just moved here. Though, I have a feeling at the end of the year, i will have a few from being room. The teacher I was assigned to be a room mom or (politically correct term) room parent, is so excited that I am one of hers. She said that I can see her side of the picture so clearly and understand already the needs of the class (not exact words but close enough). I am excited.

Today I will help cover text books, and help the kids decorate the front of them. I always enjoyed this when I was in school especially High School. I have to say, that I particularlly enjoy upsetting my homeroom teacher with pictures of things that would um...irriate her like rock n roll band logos or just in general stuff that I knew bugged her. I wasn't one to conform to anyone's expectations. i still don't. Something about being like everyone else is totally boring. Expect what is so funny, is when I graduated, I just tried to blend into my surroundings. It has never happened. So, finally, in my adult life, i am some what accepted to a degree. Its nice.

Now, a warning to all, if you use Wal-mart Online Photo to print photos, discover you have a problem heads up. One you will probably and most likely get a run around from the 1 800 customer service number. Two the instore staff can't help you in any way because they don't have the authority on a corporate level to fix anything. 3. You will loose your money not and your pictures you need desperately without an apology or you will receive a refund in a matter x number of weeks. Its just we can't help.

I do have to kuddos to Walgreens staff photo department who not only got my low resolution photos to print out but they actually were the words in actions. Not once but twice. I have to say, that I will definitely be switching my business to wal-greens for photos from now. Unless, winkflash or shutterfly has an awesome sale. I did have to physically go into the wal-greens to upload and print out the pictures but to have a live person both times was well worth the cost.

I love my followers of my blog. Thank you for taking your time and reading and replying. it means a great deal to me. To have your shoulder to lean on in good and bad times.

Here are some storm clouds building in the distance. I thought you might enjoy looking at them. Can anyone help create a water mark?

Thursday, August 27, 2009


another crazy morning here.

. Okay other parents don't take offense to what I am about to type. Please follow the directions for drop off and pick up, be attentive to the crossing guard/teachers at the school, and most of all instruct your kids to stay on teh sidewalk and don't run back to your moving vechile though slow (guilty as give me a starbucks for just surviving this carpool line). Seriously, folks a cell phone call can wait, your make up can wait, and definitely give your kid their lunch money before they get up to get out of your car. I can't wait to walk them back to school tomorrow.

Thank God, the other room parent had the same type of morning I did. So, instead of meeting, the other parent was kind enough to drop my forms off to my teacher. Yup. Thank you K!!

I spent the morning cleaning but decided that some of the stuff needed to wait, so, I have Dh to help with a ladder, a hose, and yard sheers.

This afternoon go for run, shower, pick up photos from photo shop, stop by the awesome scrapbook store to get a die cut to make a stencil, get kids from school, make dinner, help oldest with kid with photos for project due tomorrow, get dh to email pictures of teachers for a back to school challenge, make the letter element for each teacher, and get some sleep.

hay if anyone body finds my extra get up and goo send it home to me. I desperately need.

As for my room responsibilites, yes there are alot Heather. It takes parent involvement to make a good school year. It takes a community of parents for each to pull off assigned teacher appreciation luncheon. It takes every parent in the school donating when asked weither it be money, time, or paying attention to forms sent home or emails sent to ensure that the kids have a fun year. I learned my lessons last year and will apply the wisdom I learned to this year.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The reserve of mom duties has been..

called into action the next three days.

If I do not respond to your blogs I am following do not feel like I am ignoring you. I am very busy the next three days.

Today meetings at the school, plus an early release. I have to get pictures developed for a school project due Friday morning. I love my oldest new teacher. She has simplified and easy project. Nothing of the extravigant kind like last year. We love Ms Y!!!

Thursday is super cleaning day, cut out shapes with die cut machine, pack cm cutting system to use a stencil for decoration the covering of school books the next day. Attach said pictures to the project.

Friday make sure all tools are packed and load for volunteering at the school. Get extra bags..finalize the late birthday party for my girls..cook dinner..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Chatter Tatter flatter

Here is the front and back cover after taking sandpaper to it.
Here's the inside cover I used American Craft double sided paper.
Here's the back cover using basic grey atomic..something a rather from a few years ago.
Below is the front cover. My youngest came up with the idea of a tree with apples, leaves and grass. I had to cut the tree out by hand instead of using my sizzix machine.

I am officially a homeroom mom. I got the email this morning from the community at the school. Its the first time that, I have ever been choosen as a room mom. Back in the south, I usually just got to assist the room mom or cover a particular activity only. Apparently, I am not weird any more just part of the mom privileged to help. I wonder if I will have a lot of helpful parents this year.

Today is a busy day. First let's start off by stating what happened already. My youngest refused to wait for me to help. Took the resusable waterbottle into the formal den area, spilt bright blue kool-aide all over the white/cream carpet when their daddy specifically told them that they would get into serious trouble for doing so. Called him. Hung up on him *Dh that is. Now, I have to put getting blue stain out of my carpet.

Today I have to run 2 miles (getting ready for a 5k in october dh said I could do it), vaccum, call to resturants about holding a joint birthday party at establishment, call the insurance company to switch pedatricans on forms then call the doctor's office to get new patient forms, scrapbook, work up characters for something, and there's more but I forget.

Oh wait it chat day...2peas tonight..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Its Monday..again

Today is sorta busy for me. Even though yesterday was too. We didn't make it to church yesterday. The youngest either had allergies or a cold. We didn't know which one so for the best interst of all, we stayed in. I got accused of staying on my computer all day. Excuse me, for fixing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between, not to mention finishing up youngest altered compositon book for school this week; did I forget to mention I am almost caught up with the first week of school.

Today I have to cook a meal, do laundry, right an outline, excerise, scrapbook two pages, and read maybe a few more chapters in the book The Hour I First Believed. Umph, those chapters are so long.

I will try to post pictures of the altered project here and on the 2peas board for you to see.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Ad inspiration/my work

Here is your pub ad inspiration. I didn't get to get one out last sunday. Sorry.

Here is my entry in the school supply challenge and the digital challenge for this week. Below is the the inspiration layout for my piece.The name of it is "A bit of sweetness by hquenthe. I put a twist on it as you can see.

This morning allergies/colds that seem to arisen within the last few days when we have started to bicker about churches; that is my Dh and I, not the kids. We wonder why ours bicker with each other. What an example we are setting for them? Aren't we just peachy? I heard that laugh...

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Last night was good. We went to a new member meeting at our country club last night. I had a margarita for the first time since my gallbladder has revolted. I could only drink about half of it. I thought I was going to pass out from the alcohol was it strong.

I won a free massage thank's to my husband getting us involved in baseball and hockey(we love hockey more though).

Yesterday was spent in genereal just running one major errand, and finding lost keys. If you haven't read my post below, I will be doing a layout about it. I took a photo of my keys and extracted them. I am just editting the journaling a bit.

We had ran last night and fells like rain this morning. The fact that my DH and I had a date within the house that we did watch two shows together, and spent one on one time together was nice.

I started reading the book The hour I first believed by wally lamb. I am having a hard time reading it. Not that its not good for its slow moving. Then the fact that I meet some of the families and survivors from the Columbine, its hard for me to stomach this fictional writing.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lost Keys

Shut your eyes image the morning chaos of getting kids off to school with snacks, water bottles etc..listen for the ring tone for what I like about you poison's version going off in the middle of it from my cell phone in my tink purse..

Now image an 8 year old digging through the purse to answer the cell phone. the kid knows that's daddy's ring tone. Me hollering I'll answer it.

My dh: We have a major problem.

me: what do you mean we have a major problem:

my dh: your vechile keys are in my vechile dashboard?

me: What the (*&&^%$^&&^ in my head? How'd they end up there? I thought they were in my vechile as to where I thought I left them?

Dh (with panic in his voice God forbid his kids have to walk any where and learn responsibility): Find the back up key for yours. Its still at the house.

me: I'm on it like everything else in life. (I have to either file it away, unfile it, or find it because no one knows how to put it up correctly in my life)

After about 10 minutes of searching frantically, we had oh my, walk a mile to school in the desert heat of 100 degrees.

I get home after reading the riot act to my kids for taking my art supplies into their room without asking and how that makes it look like they took the key and hide it too. Next time ask before taking. ETc etC...I find the key. Where? In my DH's crap. Apparently he moved it without telling anyone for while his family is in.

Needless to say, he will lose his priliveges to something or better yet make him spend time with his wife actually moving his booty other than when the kids are asleep and its our time. If you get the drift.

Resolution to problem: Nail, hammer, wall, key, and giant sign do not remove unless there is an emergancy and put back after emergancy..
A shower for mom because she no longer smells like the degree scent sexual intrigue deorderant...where's peepoe le pue with a big bottle of expensive deorderant when you need him.
Now does anyone have a key element that I can use to document my day for 2peas community challenge

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday finally

It was another good family birthday celebration. The youngest had their favorite foods at Red Robin. We had the waiters sing and bring ice cream for dessert.

I still can not figure out why my youngest took a handful of ice and dumped it on the keyboard of my laptop. I had to get them off my keyboard, dry it, and turn it off to ensure that it was not damaged.

I have a hunger. It’s not a physical hunger. It’s almost a hunger to resolve something’s in my life without directions or knowing how to get it started. I may already have the answers I need but I cannot see them or find my way too them. There as some things that I need to accomplish before my kids are grown and gone. I want to show them it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.

It maybe the side of effects of having add, that my mind will always be spinning faster and faster like the merry go round that never stops.

One day I may have answers to share with suffers of add, and care takers of those with add. It’s difficult to describe the frustration, joy, and other thoughts felt by those with add.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birthday Thursday

Even as I type this its wednesday, offically the baby of the family turns 6 years old today 8/20/09/ Offically 6 years old.

I have to track down a composition book for the child to alter. i promised her.

My to do list:
Cook 2 meals
make a list of bills
make grocery list
scrapbook two pages
run 2 miles
get composition notebook.

Wednesday wonder

Okay so, the last two days I sort goofed off, and fartted away. I was enjoying the solitude of no children, no company, and no DH. I was and is exhaugsted from all the activities and cleaning. Plus, the heat has been a kicker the last couple of days.

Today is more laundry and major cleaning like vaccumming again, pinesol all counter tops, dust all furniture and redust/moisturizer the wood cabinets in the house. Tonight is date night with DH instead of renting a movie. i told him I wanted to do the wii active with him. I am trying to help him and me be healthier.

Here are a few layouts I posted at 2peas. One got a comment but one didn't. Then there is one that is not posted because there are 14 pages to it. Scroll down to the link for galery. You can see the fourteen page one there. Log in leave some love please.

I'm getting a little frustrated. I started something called the tag praise game. Expect, this week its not getting a whole lot of attention. We all want praise or "love" for our work expect no one is willing to take the time to give it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It's Tuesday. yeah!!! Its chat night with the girls. I can't wait. Plus, its the start of the back to school crop. I organized it between the members this week! I hope you can make it.

I am so tired. We had so much going on this weekend that I am exhaugsted. I slept in until 6:25 am this morning. Not like me.

The first day of school was a sucess. My kids want to live at school with their teachers. This is the first time in two years that have expressed that much joy over school. So, I am glad that have such good teachers.

Here are some pictures from Saturday at the ballgame.
Ghost busters!
La Dodger pitcher!

A team van with Mr. T!

Knight Rider was 80's night at the baseball game!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School Day

My inlaws are gone. They left 5:30 am this morning for their plane back home.

The kiddos got up about 6:30-7:00 am. Dressed and ready. DH has already called once, probably one more time before they go to school. The only thing that bothers me is that you can't take photos of your own kids on school campus at this school. Its a district wide policy because of privacy issues. Apparently, some parent that doesn't know how to use the crop button or photo editing to blur the other kids out post a picture of their kid on the internet and another's without that parent's permission and well now we can't take pictures.

So, we are having to arrange play dates outside of school to get those special photos. I'm excited because their teachers seem really nice, personable, and in tune to what the kids needs.

I have lots of pictures I have been able to download to the hard drive but will do later.

Have a great day all the kids going back to school.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

saturday snooze button

Friday Morning sunrise. I love it.

Thursday morning monsoon. We finally got a monsoon. Though I missed getting the heavy rain.
Today going to the baseball field to have a special activity for the kids to do. They get to hangout with the mascot and the pep squad for the team.

Other than that..a quiet day

Friday, August 14, 2009

Without Further A tag response

Eight things I did yesterday:
1. Laundry-like that will ever be conquered
2. Finished the altered clip board that coordinates with the composition notebook for my oldest
3. Tried to catch our new friends here and their kids at the pool but missed them by 5-10 minutes
4. Cleaned toilets and tubs-Clorox never smelled so strong before
5. Cooked Skillet burger for the first time, success with the youngest one.
6. Checked my email multiple times...I don’t believe in getting a data plan for my phone. There needs to be a separation of work and family.
7. Did my wii’s gold gym and smoked through the lesson
8. Broke up multiple sibling fights between my kids which lead to the feeling of pulling my hair out after the first three times.
Eight favorite shows:
1. BBC America Torchwood-total cool show
2. BBC How clean is your house-the two old women give me awesome words to use when frustrated.
3. CSI Las Vegas-totally depressed that after the fall there won’t be anymore
4. Saving Grace-can totally relate to the character’s struggle with God and spiritual questions at points during my life.
5. The closer-Simply because it shows a successful southern bell taking down the bad guys in the world and earning the respect of others that think she is a dumb as ___________________(fill in the blank).
6. Criminal Minds –I love getting inside and understand other people’s perspectives and what makes them tick.
7. In Plain Sight: USA network about a successful witsec female agent. Her personal dysfunction family and how she is the normal one.
8. Law & Order CI-I love the dective team.
Eight Things I look forward too :
1. Writing a letter to Santa this year. Yes, I still do this every year. The thought that someone might read my letter and be inspired or could relate to my frustration or change their lives...the uncertainity.
2. Kids back in school-having some down time to me and meeting other people in the community.
3. Christmas because we have a ton of plans to celebrate here in our desert community this year. Polar Express here we come. Choo-choo.
4. Weekend-Dh and I spend time together. During the week it’s hard to get time together.
5. Touch up painting in our den area. It will just make the room completely done for decorating
6. The first of the year because I will be getting a newer used vehicle. I can disconnect the life support for my current vehicle.
7. Possibility of making it on a design /creative team in the near future.
8. My new computer so I can learn Photoshop.

Eight Friends I tag

Heather t
Jen –the project girl
Carina Gardina
Crystal Wilkerson

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday the Tango starts

The altered clipboard is finished. Front side ribbon and metal letters. Backside just a touch of ribbon. My oldest child can't wait to use them in school. Now the younger one wants a comp book for school decorated too!
Not that my house doesn't already look like a freakin house been shown to clients. I really wish families would be more understanding that when a family actually lives in a house it will get dirty, messy, but the house is being loved and enjoyed. There is more to life than a clean house peoople.
Change all sheets on beds-done-done
Put all clean laundry away-done
dust furniture-done does it smell good in my house currently
clean all glass (why on earth did I buy a freaking table with glass top on it)-done (hopefully kids will keep the grubby little prints off the sliding door! )
take pictures of the kids school supplies and put them into their old backpacks put in van-started
go to the school for meet the teacher
cook spaghetti-waiting for the spaghetti water to heat and cook..-
change out all plug in airfreshners-done expect for oil ones-started
I've been tagged..hay gen give until tomorrow to reply!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Challenge for 2peas in a bucket members

Okay here's the challenge..I want to give a christmas gift of gratitude to the tech department in August. they are always there making sure our message board is up and running. The gallery issues are resolved, and always helpful when we have brain freezes on how to do stuff.

So, make a TY or a thank you card either digital or traditional. Send it to them! Tell them what a great job they are doing. Its very important to let everyone know when theyare doing a great job.

wednesday woogle google watchamacall it

Okay today the bug man was suppose to come at 7 am. He showed up at 6:45 am. Everyone was just getting up and dressed. So, it was kinda funny to get the kids dressed deal with the bug man and get Dh out the door. Why bug man again when we just sprayed last month? Oh maybe a hugh spider almost dropping on my DH's shoulder and a scorpin hiding in his work bag spooked him. He generally doesn't get spooked but this time yes. He normally is okay with critters and creatures.

Then today we have to get a ton done.

To do list:
Finish altered projects-done
wash dh's car-done
Finish laundry -started
Clean kitchen and bathrooms -done
cabinets -done
detail inside of vechiles -cancelled
check mail -done
FTC for girls by Thursday afternoon -started
Cook dinner -done

What are ftc's? They are friendship trading cards. I came up with them based on the ATC's artistic trading cards. Since my kids only have one family we can go play with right now. I am going to do index cards decorated with bushes and their information for the teachers to put in the kids folders on the first day of school. This way their friends and parents can contect us.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Chatter Batter Flatter Datter

Here's the the composition book we started yesterday. In progress. My oldest child was so excited to get to an altered craft on her birthday. I may start making a tradition that we do a special craft together.

Here's the clipboard in progress as well. Oh, it was a slow and study progress. I forgot that you have to wait 20 minutes between each step for the mod podge to completely dry or your paper will get messed up.

The clipboard is progressing nicely.

The insided of the the composition notebook.

The front of the clipboard finished expect for adding the metal initals with a themed bow around the ring part. The back will have the child's name spelled out in die cut letterd that are layered but small. My oldest child can't wait to take it to school.

Here's the front of the composition notebook. My oldest child picked out all the die cuts. I made the layout of the die cuts work. I still need to add and eyelet with flowers and a ribbon strung through to mark the work stop. The back will be using the negative die cuts from the positive to decorate the back.

We have new arrivals. Twin stuffed monkeys. Yes, they are for our baseball team we go and see. The kiddos have been bugging us for these for months. We wouldn't buy them for them. But thanks to Grandma in southwest. They got to buy them last night. Needless, to say before I could crawl into bed last night, I had to remove said monkeys from bed and push some sleeping kids over to make room for me.
Thanks to our cousins on Saturday the kids now have bubbles, sidewalk chalk, glow in the dark braclets, and swim goggles.
Thanks to our Aunt the kids have hannah montanna cell phones, and manicure barbie kits they can actually use on their finger nails.
One birthday down, three more to go. My youngest birthday is coming up and then my mom's birthday. i almost forgot their Uncle's birthday is within the next week.The kids joint birthday will be held after school starts so they can invite their new friends.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Monday

Here's the clipboard from last year. My oldest child got bored while we were packing up for our move. Takin expo markers to said clipboard.

Here's the composition notebook will be altering as well. We have sanded front and back covers inside and out. We have wiped it down. We have even measured and cut the paper too!
Here's all the different paper we picked and embellishments.
Here is out ice shaver machine. We didn't yet get to put together and use. It did not come with syrup to put on the shaved iced. DH is suppose to stop by target today to see if they have any left.

Today is our oldest child's birthday. Today will be craft day, swim day, and going to a baseball game. The oldest child and youngest child will have their birthday's announced and posted on the big screen at the baseball game. So, it will be a fun evening!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Pub Ad Inspiration

Here is your ad inspiration for this week. I found it in one of my DH's remote control car magazines he had awhile back. I hope you like.

After having a wonderful visit with our cousins, their new baby, and their dog. I took a nap. I ate some candy and ice cream. I ate some greek dish I made from stratch that I created for dinner. After I had pity party for myself, I feel better.

I have started taking photos of our process to alter a clipboard and composition notebook for my oldest child. I just have to go back to Wal-mart to get mod podge. i gave mine away over a year ago before moving to the desert climate. It would have gotten hard and non-useful.

Today we get to open, and try our snowcone machine the kids got for their birthday last year from their Aunt's dog Zoe. Yes, we love animals here. Can you tell?

Plus, my kids are bugging to get one of their own again. This time we are getting a bigger dog than before. simply because the other one was to small, old, and ornery.

What about you? How is your Sunday going?

The big news here. My kids furniture the remainder of it arrives today between 11 am and 3 pm. Just in time for school to start, a week from Monday! maybe their day will allow the older one to turn on their desktop finally! I don't know. All I know is that Santa has a very expensive wish list this year from everyone. Including a new vechile for me.

have you used one of my auds I posted? If, so, send me a photo of your layout. I will gladly post here with a link to your blog or website.

I need help getting banners up on my blog. Anyone interested in helping me with step by step instructions. I got one up. I need multiple banners though.Email me.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A migrane wake up

is like having a ear deafness from attending a hair band or metal concert going off in your head at 4:30 am! so, Igot up took some allergy medicine and ibprofen. Set off to do some work on the house undisturb.

thank god my DH got the point last night. I wanted to be alone for the crop. Unfortunately, it was only after they had pestered me until my mojo got up, got a cab to the airport, and is hiding some where that we can't afford a return ticket from.

so, hi ho its off to clean I go.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Down in the dumps

and my mojo is off tonight too! I didn't get the job. I will get over it.

I didn't get the job at the school. Dh is talking about getting a Tahoe to replace the mini van we currently have. This is what I originally wanted anyways to beging with. I like suvs, trucks and jeeps. Though, he is fussing about 47.16 for school supplies and I put some of it back and 166.18 for groceries. I put half of the stuff we needed back.

I have family coming first thing in the morning. So, i won't be posting until sunday. I am sorta have a pity party right now.

Tgif with an interview

Here are pictures of a freak rain shower that didn't turn into a monsoon.

Living in a desert community, rain in the summer usually means monsoons with bad dust storms. Not yesterday morning apparently. it was one of those freaky things.

Thank God its Friday!!! I have my interview for a position at the school. Its at 10 am my time. I am not even getting my brain kicked into gear for it yet. I didn't tell DH had an interview already for the position. So, it will be a surprise when he gets home. He will be upset that I didn't tell him before I went but it will cause some stress relief.

mop floors
sort through boxes in kitchen
clean off kitchen counter
maybe grocery and school supply shopping
Possibly a crop tonight