Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Chatter Batter Flatter Datter

Here's the the composition book we started yesterday. In progress. My oldest child was so excited to get to an altered craft on her birthday. I may start making a tradition that we do a special craft together.

Here's the clipboard in progress as well. Oh, it was a slow and study progress. I forgot that you have to wait 20 minutes between each step for the mod podge to completely dry or your paper will get messed up.

The clipboard is progressing nicely.

The insided of the the composition notebook.

The front of the clipboard finished expect for adding the metal initals with a themed bow around the ring part. The back will have the child's name spelled out in die cut letterd that are layered but small. My oldest child can't wait to take it to school.

Here's the front of the composition notebook. My oldest child picked out all the die cuts. I made the layout of the die cuts work. I still need to add and eyelet with flowers and a ribbon strung through to mark the work stop. The back will be using the negative die cuts from the positive to decorate the back.

We have new arrivals. Twin stuffed monkeys. Yes, they are for our baseball team we go and see. The kiddos have been bugging us for these for months. We wouldn't buy them for them. But thanks to Grandma in southwest. They got to buy them last night. Needless, to say before I could crawl into bed last night, I had to remove said monkeys from bed and push some sleeping kids over to make room for me.
Thanks to our cousins on Saturday the kids now have bubbles, sidewalk chalk, glow in the dark braclets, and swim goggles.
Thanks to our Aunt the kids have hannah montanna cell phones, and manicure barbie kits they can actually use on their finger nails.
One birthday down, three more to go. My youngest birthday is coming up and then my mom's birthday. i almost forgot their Uncle's birthday is within the next week.The kids joint birthday will be held after school starts so they can invite their new friends.


Jen Martakis said...

So cute! What a great idea to customize school supplies!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful projects hon! 8D