Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mini Fire at my house

You see the said base to my blender to the left in the photo. Well, as I am trying to try making my own lima bean recipe. I pour my lima beans into the blend to puree into a dip. It starts and stops, and makes a fun sound repeatedly. then a weird smell, the smell of burning plastic and metal. I can't tell where its coming from. I pull the top part away from the base. Then I see the smoke...it starts small and gets larger.

Its an OMG (wasn't what went through my head yall, every inappropiate words raced through my brain) moment. Unplugg the smoking hot base, do a small dunk into my new sink, holler in a very panic voice kids stay in your room and the one under foot go to your room, and I get the fire extungusher to spray this funky yellow stuff all over the base, sink, and clean dishes on the other side of the counter. Grab the back door open it wide to air out the house and get rid of the cloud of massive fire putting out stuff, and to keep panic from getting worse.

Call my DH at work. Explain to him what had happened. To his reply,"why didn't you just throw it outside to chill". I spent the next 30 minutes cleaning up my kitchen.

PS dill weed and lima beans don't go well together. Make the weird pucker face and go yuck!!!!


Gennifer said...

Oh, MAN! I'm sure that freaked you out!

Anonymous said...

wow...craziness about the blender!