Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Okay today the bug man was suppose to come at 7 am. He showed up at 6:45 am. Everyone was just getting up and dressed. So, it was kinda funny to get the kids dressed deal with the bug man and get Dh out the door. Why bug man again when we just sprayed last month? Oh maybe a hugh spider almost dropping on my DH's shoulder and a scorpin hiding in his work bag spooked him. He generally doesn't get spooked but this time yes. He normally is okay with critters and creatures.

Then today we have to get a ton done.

To do list:
Finish altered projects-done
wash dh's car-done
Finish laundry -started
Clean kitchen and bathrooms -done
cabinets -done
detail inside of vechiles -cancelled
check mail -done
FTC for girls by Thursday afternoon -started
Cook dinner -done

What are ftc's? They are friendship trading cards. I came up with them based on the ATC's artistic trading cards. Since my kids only have one family we can go play with right now. I am going to do index cards decorated with bushes and their information for the teachers to put in the kids folders on the first day of school. This way their friends and parents can contect us.

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