Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Ad inspiration/my work

Here is your pub ad inspiration. I didn't get to get one out last sunday. Sorry.

Here is my entry in the school supply challenge and the digital challenge for this week. Below is the the inspiration layout for my piece.The name of it is "A bit of sweetness by hquenthe. I put a twist on it as you can see.

This morning allergies/colds that seem to arisen within the last few days when we have started to bicker about churches; that is my Dh and I, not the kids. We wonder why ours bicker with each other. What an example we are setting for them? Aren't we just peachy? I heard that laugh...


Dawn said...

Love the school supplies LO! We're lucky that we only have 3 things on our list: kleenex, backpack and inside shoes.

We're unluncky because we don't get to go shopping for all the cool stuff!

I may have to try your ad inspiration though. It might be the kick I need to get back into scrapping! Thanks for the challenge!

SmartandSassy said...

Love it, love it all. Very inspiring.