Friday, August 14, 2009

Without Further A tag response

Eight things I did yesterday:
1. Laundry-like that will ever be conquered
2. Finished the altered clip board that coordinates with the composition notebook for my oldest
3. Tried to catch our new friends here and their kids at the pool but missed them by 5-10 minutes
4. Cleaned toilets and tubs-Clorox never smelled so strong before
5. Cooked Skillet burger for the first time, success with the youngest one.
6. Checked my email multiple times...I don’t believe in getting a data plan for my phone. There needs to be a separation of work and family.
7. Did my wii’s gold gym and smoked through the lesson
8. Broke up multiple sibling fights between my kids which lead to the feeling of pulling my hair out after the first three times.
Eight favorite shows:
1. BBC America Torchwood-total cool show
2. BBC How clean is your house-the two old women give me awesome words to use when frustrated.
3. CSI Las Vegas-totally depressed that after the fall there won’t be anymore
4. Saving Grace-can totally relate to the character’s struggle with God and spiritual questions at points during my life.
5. The closer-Simply because it shows a successful southern bell taking down the bad guys in the world and earning the respect of others that think she is a dumb as ___________________(fill in the blank).
6. Criminal Minds –I love getting inside and understand other people’s perspectives and what makes them tick.
7. In Plain Sight: USA network about a successful witsec female agent. Her personal dysfunction family and how she is the normal one.
8. Law & Order CI-I love the dective team.
Eight Things I look forward too :
1. Writing a letter to Santa this year. Yes, I still do this every year. The thought that someone might read my letter and be inspired or could relate to my frustration or change their lives...the uncertainity.
2. Kids back in school-having some down time to me and meeting other people in the community.
3. Christmas because we have a ton of plans to celebrate here in our desert community this year. Polar Express here we come. Choo-choo.
4. Weekend-Dh and I spend time together. During the week it’s hard to get time together.
5. Touch up painting in our den area. It will just make the room completely done for decorating
6. The first of the year because I will be getting a newer used vehicle. I can disconnect the life support for my current vehicle.
7. Possibility of making it on a design /creative team in the near future.
8. My new computer so I can learn Photoshop.

Eight Friends I tag

Heather t
Jen –the project girl
Carina Gardina
Crystal Wilkerson

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