Saturday, August 1, 2009

Its Saturday

A water fall in our new subdivision. Yes, that is a golf course.

this is a fresh rosemary bush. I just have to figure out how to dry it for use in cooking. This is part of my landscaping believe it or not.

Today is errands with my DH. We will get our id cards for the parks that are for residents only in this town. Maybe, I just might get my DH to go to the splash park with water slides.


Lynn said...

dang. i thought i could grow rosemary but you rocked it. we just use it fresh when we cook. i have a tendency to use too much and it overpowers the dish. i love fresh herbs.

mean mom productions said...

Well, lynn. I can't take credit for growing the rosemary bush. it came with our new house that way. I plan on planting thyme, and other herbs.

Need advice on herbs though

SmartandSassy said...

I often grow herbs as landscape plants. A love the way they smell so nice when you brush up against them when you weed around them. I also like to go outside and run my hand across them to release the scent once in a while when I need a quick pick-me-up on a bad day. Not as good as a spa but much much cheaper!

Lorell said...

Looks like you live in a great place. I would think I'd died and gone to heaven with a rosemary bush growing in my yard. Lucky girl!