Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday wonder

Okay so, the last two days I sort goofed off, and fartted away. I was enjoying the solitude of no children, no company, and no DH. I was and is exhaugsted from all the activities and cleaning. Plus, the heat has been a kicker the last couple of days.

Today is more laundry and major cleaning like vaccumming again, pinesol all counter tops, dust all furniture and redust/moisturizer the wood cabinets in the house. Tonight is date night with DH instead of renting a movie. i told him I wanted to do the wii active with him. I am trying to help him and me be healthier.

Here are a few layouts I posted at 2peas. One got a comment but one didn't. Then there is one that is not posted because there are 14 pages to it. Scroll down to the link for galery. You can see the fourteen page one there. Log in leave some love please.

I'm getting a little frustrated. I started something called the tag praise game. Expect, this week its not getting a whole lot of attention. We all want praise or "love" for our work expect no one is willing to take the time to give it.

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SmartandSassy said...

I like your layouts. Telling the stories is so important for the kids. It is amazing how much of the everyday they forget as they get older!