Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday the Tango starts

The altered clipboard is finished. Front side ribbon and metal letters. Backside just a touch of ribbon. My oldest child can't wait to use them in school. Now the younger one wants a comp book for school decorated too!
Not that my house doesn't already look like a freakin house been shown to clients. I really wish families would be more understanding that when a family actually lives in a house it will get dirty, messy, but the house is being loved and enjoyed. There is more to life than a clean house peoople.
Change all sheets on beds-done-done
Put all clean laundry away-done
dust furniture-done does it smell good in my house currently
clean all glass (why on earth did I buy a freaking table with glass top on it)-done (hopefully kids will keep the grubby little prints off the sliding door! )
take pictures of the kids school supplies and put them into their old backpacks put in van-started
go to the school for meet the teacher
cook spaghetti-waiting for the spaghetti water to heat and cook..-
change out all plug in airfreshners-done expect for oil ones-started
I've been tagged..hay gen give until tomorrow to reply!


Pamela said...

Great project!

Lorell said...

Cute clipboard!! It sounds like you got a ton done...woo hoo!