Thursday, August 27, 2009


another crazy morning here.

. Okay other parents don't take offense to what I am about to type. Please follow the directions for drop off and pick up, be attentive to the crossing guard/teachers at the school, and most of all instruct your kids to stay on teh sidewalk and don't run back to your moving vechile though slow (guilty as give me a starbucks for just surviving this carpool line). Seriously, folks a cell phone call can wait, your make up can wait, and definitely give your kid their lunch money before they get up to get out of your car. I can't wait to walk them back to school tomorrow.

Thank God, the other room parent had the same type of morning I did. So, instead of meeting, the other parent was kind enough to drop my forms off to my teacher. Yup. Thank you K!!

I spent the morning cleaning but decided that some of the stuff needed to wait, so, I have Dh to help with a ladder, a hose, and yard sheers.

This afternoon go for run, shower, pick up photos from photo shop, stop by the awesome scrapbook store to get a die cut to make a stencil, get kids from school, make dinner, help oldest with kid with photos for project due tomorrow, get dh to email pictures of teachers for a back to school challenge, make the letter element for each teacher, and get some sleep.

hay if anyone body finds my extra get up and goo send it home to me. I desperately need.

As for my room responsibilites, yes there are alot Heather. It takes parent involvement to make a good school year. It takes a community of parents for each to pull off assigned teacher appreciation luncheon. It takes every parent in the school donating when asked weither it be money, time, or paying attention to forms sent home or emails sent to ensure that the kids have a fun year. I learned my lessons last year and will apply the wisdom I learned to this year.

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Stefanie Eskander said...

Whew what a day you had!!!!
Thanks so much for leaving the kind words on my blog! Friends are great aren't they? And I especially love all my Pea friends, including YOU!