Friday, August 21, 2009

Lost Keys

Shut your eyes image the morning chaos of getting kids off to school with snacks, water bottles etc..listen for the ring tone for what I like about you poison's version going off in the middle of it from my cell phone in my tink purse..

Now image an 8 year old digging through the purse to answer the cell phone. the kid knows that's daddy's ring tone. Me hollering I'll answer it.

My dh: We have a major problem.

me: what do you mean we have a major problem:

my dh: your vechile keys are in my vechile dashboard?

me: What the (*&&^%$^&&^ in my head? How'd they end up there? I thought they were in my vechile as to where I thought I left them?

Dh (with panic in his voice God forbid his kids have to walk any where and learn responsibility): Find the back up key for yours. Its still at the house.

me: I'm on it like everything else in life. (I have to either file it away, unfile it, or find it because no one knows how to put it up correctly in my life)

After about 10 minutes of searching frantically, we had oh my, walk a mile to school in the desert heat of 100 degrees.

I get home after reading the riot act to my kids for taking my art supplies into their room without asking and how that makes it look like they took the key and hide it too. Next time ask before taking. ETc etC...I find the key. Where? In my DH's crap. Apparently he moved it without telling anyone for while his family is in.

Needless to say, he will lose his priliveges to something or better yet make him spend time with his wife actually moving his booty other than when the kids are asleep and its our time. If you get the drift.

Resolution to problem: Nail, hammer, wall, key, and giant sign do not remove unless there is an emergancy and put back after emergancy..
A shower for mom because she no longer smells like the degree scent sexual intrigue deorderant...where's peepoe le pue with a big bottle of expensive deorderant when you need him.
Now does anyone have a key element that I can use to document my day for 2peas community challenge

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Katrina said...

oh my...I HATE days like that...hope the weekend is better!