Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday stillness

This is your inspiration ad to help keep you creative!!

This morning the house is still. Music is playing lowly in the background. I have one child up and coloring. I have one still asleep. I have a DH who is still asleep.

Then there is me, enjoying the stillness of the morning.

Thank you to the 26 individuals who downloaded my freebie. It made my morning to see that people liked what I created. Many of my freebies go untouched or rarely viewed, so, it was very nice surprised.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Lynn said...

i love the stillness. i like to get up early just for that reason.

SmartandSassy said...

I have never tried digital scrap booking. Maybe you could recommend I good resource to help me learn how to start?

happydays525 said...

Ahhhh..quiet and still, much to appreciate!

ellen s. said...

i love that stillness and cherish it. ...just like i cherish the craziness somedays; )

Linda Beeson said...

I so love that! I love using huge photos that are just great and this is a good reason to pull one out.