Friday, August 28, 2009

TGi Friday Farts, Fans, and Figures

I'm sitting here at my computer wasting time. I am enjoying the solitude silence of the house minus the sound of washer running through the remaining part of a cycle. Thinking how nice is this with lots on my plate still left to do for the day. Thinking to myself, why can't everyday be this peaceful with everyone home. No whining, no fighting, no rude behavior then giggles, and definitely no dirty dishes. The pop goes that bubble of fanasty knowing that it will be that by 5:00 pm tonight. Everyone exhaugsted from this week's activites, heat wave with extra humidity not typical for the desert. I do hope that it rains soon. We are in desperate need of a good monsoon state wide.

This week two of my online friends got to meet in person. Happy for them, and at the same time I wish I could have been there. I feel like some of my online friends could be adopted as new family members simply because they just terrific. Enjoy you two!

I don't have many friends where I live yet. I just moved here. Though, I have a feeling at the end of the year, i will have a few from being room. The teacher I was assigned to be a room mom or (politically correct term) room parent, is so excited that I am one of hers. She said that I can see her side of the picture so clearly and understand already the needs of the class (not exact words but close enough). I am excited.

Today I will help cover text books, and help the kids decorate the front of them. I always enjoyed this when I was in school especially High School. I have to say, that I particularlly enjoy upsetting my homeroom teacher with pictures of things that would um...irriate her like rock n roll band logos or just in general stuff that I knew bugged her. I wasn't one to conform to anyone's expectations. i still don't. Something about being like everyone else is totally boring. Expect what is so funny, is when I graduated, I just tried to blend into my surroundings. It has never happened. So, finally, in my adult life, i am some what accepted to a degree. Its nice.

Now, a warning to all, if you use Wal-mart Online Photo to print photos, discover you have a problem heads up. One you will probably and most likely get a run around from the 1 800 customer service number. Two the instore staff can't help you in any way because they don't have the authority on a corporate level to fix anything. 3. You will loose your money not and your pictures you need desperately without an apology or you will receive a refund in a matter x number of weeks. Its just we can't help.

I do have to kuddos to Walgreens staff photo department who not only got my low resolution photos to print out but they actually were the words in actions. Not once but twice. I have to say, that I will definitely be switching my business to wal-greens for photos from now. Unless, winkflash or shutterfly has an awesome sale. I did have to physically go into the wal-greens to upload and print out the pictures but to have a live person both times was well worth the cost.

I love my followers of my blog. Thank you for taking your time and reading and replying. it means a great deal to me. To have your shoulder to lean on in good and bad times.

Here are some storm clouds building in the distance. I thought you might enjoy looking at them. Can anyone help create a water mark?


Lynn said...

oooooooooooooo very cool pix and thanks for the heads up.

Gennifer said...

Pretty pictures!

What's the status with the WalMart photos?

Hopefully we'll get to meet someday! :)

grammbo said...

Grammbo, here ... always enjoyed having a room-mother in my class(taught for 30 yrs.) and the-more-off- track-they-were-the-better-I-liked-it !! so keep "your own style".. at 73 I still do my "own thing" .. the best thing about "IT" is the age. everyone gives me a free reign and charges "IT" up to "poor ole lady"! smiles ;+) getting older has some benefits and I hope to keep using them for many more years. ( that is if this guy in our White House doesn't try to just "slip me a pill and say - that's it for me ) !!