Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Mad Hatter Madness

Okay these are actually flower pots. Yes, giagantic flower pots. Aren't they cool. You would think they would be found at an expensive boutique expect, they are at a local wal-mart. DH would have a couple cow if I bought these and put them out.

Frustration that my wii wasn't working early this morning for a work out. I should have gone for a walk instead. Grr...

Today is enrollment for the kiddos at their new school. This means finding all the paper necessary for the enrollment process and finding a hospital and doctor that is covered by a United Health Care Subusadary company. If any of you, have United Health Care they cause their own stress in one's life that is unbareable and causes you to see medical attention from their non-user friendly website and customer service department. If I could switch health insurance providors, I would!!!!!! This company truly and total is the meaning of certain word not appropiate for print or to even speak.

I am planning on taking the kids to a mini water park near the school after we are done. The poor kids don't have any friends that we can call upon for playtime or entertainment. Plus, with my vechile on its life support system until we can afford to go another one. Trips out and about are very limited.

Then this afternoon, I must go through several books of books, and homeschool stuff to keep trash or donate.

i am hopefully able to partake in the the new free class at two peas in a bucket. No answer from anyone on the status of my questions. Though, I asked them when most poeple aren't in the office to answer questions. The teacher is really cool. so, I am sure that today she will get back in touch with me. I heard from the teacher. It is a fee paid class. Unfortunately, I am unable to take the class. Money is an issue for me right now since we just moved.

don't forget friday that two peas in a bucket is having an online crop. More details contact customer service there.

here is one of my entries for the photography challenge this week. Though i mainly use my cell camera to capture stuff, click the link or scroll down to the gallery link at the bottom of the blog to see my entries. I may have more later today

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Claude said...

Those flower pots are adorable!