Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Monday

Here's the clipboard from last year. My oldest child got bored while we were packing up for our move. Takin expo markers to said clipboard.

Here's the composition notebook will be altering as well. We have sanded front and back covers inside and out. We have wiped it down. We have even measured and cut the paper too!
Here's all the different paper we picked and embellishments.
Here is out ice shaver machine. We didn't yet get to put together and use. It did not come with syrup to put on the shaved iced. DH is suppose to stop by target today to see if they have any left.

Today is our oldest child's birthday. Today will be craft day, swim day, and going to a baseball game. The oldest child and youngest child will have their birthday's announced and posted on the big screen at the baseball game. So, it will be a fun evening!

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Claude said...

Have a great time!!