Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Stress, Plans, and replies to comments

Today is a very stressful for my Dh. He found out yesterday that a co-worker that worked for his company for over 20 years was laid off due the economy. He was just about unstressed from the move and his parents. Then this. I told him in no uncertain terms that we were spending any more money on the house for decorations or furniture until we have another saftey nest egg ready in case they let him. I also instructed him to put his ear to ground for possible job oppurnities else where, so, if he is given a better offer then we should take it. I would prefer staying in the desert enivorment due to all the allergies but if we have to move out of state again. Then we will. He would prefer staying here too!

Kinda of scary at the moment.

I put in my job application at the school district yesterday. I hope the fact I put in some information wrong accidentally doesn't hurt my chances of gettign the part time job there. It would really help my Dh settle down some.

Today's plan:

finish straightening up
make dinner this morning
library this afternoon(they are showing the new movie a race to witch mountain)
Maybe a long swim after the library

Smart and Sassy: You can get use two peas in a bucket tutorials on using software like ps or pse. Jessica Sprague has some really good tutorials as well. I don't use photoshop currently. My current laptop can really support the software I use now or has enough ram to do so. I use power point 2007 and until my DH can afford to buy me a new computer to install photoshop. We have it but we can't install it.

Gennifer and Crystal: it was craziness and freaking out 101 all the way. I actually called friends and ex co workers to tell them while i hysterically lost it.

Grammbo -I pray your daughter recovers fast.
Any one who hasn't read about her daughter scroll down to Tuesday chatter Batter comments. I encourage greatly to pray for her daughter.

Linda-I'm glad you liked the pub ad inspiration. Its the first time someone has left a comment about it. Thank you! If you like I have more in back posts. they usually appear on sunday but I think one time I put one in on a Wednesday.

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SmartandSassy said...

I feel for you on the job worries. We have no nest egg due to 3 of us being in school and working towards a stronger future. That makes for a very scary now. We have been under constant threat of layoff for over 8 years now and have seen many coworkers go. I would have liked to have started school earlier and be working by now but I got sick right around the time I was to begin and delayed it by 2 years.
Good luck with the school job! I bet you will love it!
Thanks for the tips, I will start by checking otu 2Peas this weekend.