Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunday Ad inspiration

So here is this week's ad inspiration. I hope this helps you get stuff done.

As for me, I have been having so much fun at 2peas this past two weeks. its been get inspired by another pea then a garden girl. So, I have been busy!!!

As for my day, another crazy day. When I woke, there was no time for Saturday doddle and relaxation. It was get dressed without a shower, (which when living in a desert community you really need a shower in the morning and at night phew eeiie), we are going out to breakast. I took pictures of this hole in a wall joint that was pretty good. The stuff around the resturant was more interesting than what was in it.

Then it was the wal-mart trip from living...horror show. The kiddos immediately showing their animal side by not minding and running out into the busy parking lot unescorted by one of us...(heart attack/stroke for us). Needless to say, a mini lecture with the threat of loosing their precious nintendo ds if they did not get it in gear. Did their minds and actions connect? didn't. Needless to say, we left the store without some things that we needed and clothing items that I desperately needed for myself. I have to say, this friday will be drop the kids off at school high tailing it down to a store and shop for myself. NO joke..

We came home. Then the ultimate migrane hit. The kind that makes any sufferer want to hurl all over the walls, floors, and ceiling out doing the polytergist movie special effects any day. I begged pleaded with DH to turn the tv in our room down, rub my head, and help me feel better. I got head rubbing with a slight added headache. He didn't mean to but he accidentally "plopped" his hand down because he couldn't stop watching a John Wayne movie to see how I was doing. I knew i couldn't just close myself off in the bedroom closet. God forbid, I might actually get some rest and get rid of the migrane.

I finally gave up. I went into the livingroom with my Kathy Reichs book. No kids, no DH, and no noise other than the appliances powering up and powering down as predetermined by their motors/programing. About the time, I actually start to relax but no relieve from said headache. The decision was made that the entire family will be attending the baseball game an hour away. I begged pleaded, and tried to get one of my children to stay at the house with me. No go. So, the entire trip was spent buried in the book with a hand to my mouth, hoping I could keep from hurling what little food I had gotten down today. Just about the time, we pull up to the staduim parking structure, I almost lost it. DH finally realizes that the trip to the baseball game for me wasn't a good idea. He had this "OH Crap (expect that wasn't the word running through his head)" look across his face.

So, we made it through the game, on sunflower seeds and water until the middle of the 6th inning. Then Dh was like lets leave. Let's go to a resturant and sit down to eat. I kept trying with all my mental strength to silently convince him that we needed a deli not barbeque. He went to barbeque anyways. Needless, to say the meal was not worth what we paid. We won't be returning.

He finally realized as he put the kids down to sleep that I couldn't laid down still. He inquired...again nausea with the stomach rumblings that everyone knows as the warnings that one end or the other will be loosing what you just tried to digest for dinner. It will happen sometime in the evening..timing of the event unknown. You will be given just enough warning to make it to the bathroom for privacy as your body revolts from one end or both. Needless, I have already done one end. I won't gross you out with tmi details.

Its gonna be a long night, of unproductivity, unless you count several trips to the bathroom productivity. I am sure most male readers would agreed in their language that is productivity. In the female productivity language that would mean multitasking away in the kitchen, laundry, and den area on several projects what seems almost at once. Reality is that it is over a two hour time period but we make it appear as we have accomplished it all at once.

Now, I sit at the computer typing this for tomorrow. I have solitude for my revolting body as I age with a battle to find my own personal fountain of youth within myself. Hoping I just haven't grossed out my only 9 readers at this point.

I'll catch up with you later.


Katrina said...

Migraines are the WORST....I hope you are better today

grammbo said...

So sorry for ALL your NAUSEA -- hope you feel better today. Unfortunately, I was "one -of-9 readers" for this story and was having breakfast at the time -- Oh well, this too shall pass... ;+)
Really do enjpy your blog and am "honored" to think you take time to view Grammbos Ramblings .. I'm such a novice but, have fun with it. smiles ;+) grammbo