Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Chatter Tatter flatter

Here is the front and back cover after taking sandpaper to it.
Here's the inside cover I used American Craft double sided paper.
Here's the back cover using basic grey atomic..something a rather from a few years ago.
Below is the front cover. My youngest came up with the idea of a tree with apples, leaves and grass. I had to cut the tree out by hand instead of using my sizzix machine.

I am officially a homeroom mom. I got the email this morning from the community at the school. Its the first time that, I have ever been choosen as a room mom. Back in the south, I usually just got to assist the room mom or cover a particular activity only. Apparently, I am not weird any more just part of the mom privileged to help. I wonder if I will have a lot of helpful parents this year.

Today is a busy day. First let's start off by stating what happened already. My youngest refused to wait for me to help. Took the resusable waterbottle into the formal den area, spilt bright blue kool-aide all over the white/cream carpet when their daddy specifically told them that they would get into serious trouble for doing so. Called him. Hung up on him *Dh that is. Now, I have to put getting blue stain out of my carpet.

Today I have to run 2 miles (getting ready for a 5k in october dh said I could do it), vaccum, call to resturants about holding a joint birthday party at establishment, call the insurance company to switch pedatricans on forms then call the doctor's office to get new patient forms, scrapbook, work up characters for something, and there's more but I forget.

Oh wait it chat day...2peas tonight..


Norma Kennedy said...

fab journal and good luck with being a room mom !

Jen Martakis said...

Great comp book Sam! Congrats on room mom. It's always so much fun to help in the class.

Hopefully I'll see you tonight at the chat. :)

Heather T. said...

Wow, you really changed things around on your blog--a lot easier to read, I like it! Have fun being the room mom, whatever that is... *lol* Sounds like it's a responsibility you really wanted to take on, so congratulations!