Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Chatter batter

This the mini water splash park my kids and I waited to open for over an hour. We finally had to call the number to find out what was going on. No note, no spoken word from the maintance man that left while we were there. They finally told us after sending another person out that it was done for repair.

Needless, to say, we went home disappointment and sad. I put hope in those little eyes and made them glad. Since this morning was a busted bubble, lets do a thing better and hit the pool running. Not right now for we would melt like snowmen out of the north pole but later today we'll go go go.

So, after enrolling my kids in school. Only to discover they had reopenned the mini splash park with a call or notification. We spent a few hours cleaning and straighting without much to be noticed by my DH other than an argument later in the night.

To go swimming in nice cooling waters of the pool. To look out to see this as we swam or dried off. Its so pretty and tranquil to look at. We ran into our new friends again while at the pool. It was so nice to have friends to swim with and play with again.

This is the moon shining bright and twinkling last night. I grabbed my cell phone and snapped this one too. How does the poem go..
I see the moon and the moon sees me..

Chat today at noon. Can't wait. I have to submit my employment application today. yes, the lady from the school called me. I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

I surely enjoy your life experiences -- especially at 73 I can say," been-there-done-that "! Love your new home area and how are the schools -- giving a good education - hope so - I taught for 30 yrs.
I saw those cups and really thought it would be a "hoot" to use them for morning coffee with friends! Please say a prayer for my daughter, second round of breast surgery, tomorrow.
smiles ;+) grammbo