Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday finally

It was another good family birthday celebration. The youngest had their favorite foods at Red Robin. We had the waiters sing and bring ice cream for dessert.

I still can not figure out why my youngest took a handful of ice and dumped it on the keyboard of my laptop. I had to get them off my keyboard, dry it, and turn it off to ensure that it was not damaged.

I have a hunger. It’s not a physical hunger. It’s almost a hunger to resolve something’s in my life without directions or knowing how to get it started. I may already have the answers I need but I cannot see them or find my way too them. There as some things that I need to accomplish before my kids are grown and gone. I want to show them it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.

It maybe the side of effects of having add, that my mind will always be spinning faster and faster like the merry go round that never stops.

One day I may have answers to share with suffers of add, and care takers of those with add. It’s difficult to describe the frustration, joy, and other thoughts felt by those with add.

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