Thursday, April 30, 2009

Arggggg Allergies Atack again

with our youngest. The past three days she has come home with hugh spoltegies and hives on her face and face only. At first, I just shoosed it off as heat rash because we do live in a desert community and it does get hot here early.

OKay, calling the doctor's office and have another appointment. Drilled the poor girl to see if its a food that she is eatting or drinking.

If there is an allergist out there that knows my frustration..then let me know..we just got done having food allergies ruled out expect for citrus..

Day 44 Thursday Turnover

for starting a new month tomorrow, have to get all the bills for the first of the month written down and write on checks to be paid tomorroww; let's not forget the nightly enrichment homework calender for Kindergarten. Luckily, we had done half of it already due to our allergies and schedules; my little hiding the notebook we are doing catch up assignments today.

Still no word on the class thing from my DH, however, I will have to up load the image of what he left me for the love dare book. It made me smile.

Today's To Do List:
Finish Enrichment Calendar with youngest-1/2 done
Take kids to school-done
Return Library book
Go for a run (slept late)-done
Bills and Grocery List-started
Finish Laundry-started
Pick up kids from school-done
includin an emergancy trip to the doctor for a diagnosis of food allergy-done got my t-shirt for that.

This week's To do list
Two more layouts-for this week-done
Try to finish cleaning up the appreance of my blog..Need help if anyone has any answers about the header area.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love Dare challenging the first week

of working through the daily challenges. Its escepially hard when your spouse just announced that you can't take few physical classes with your kids on Saturday. He feels that he will wind up paying through the nose for additional classes. Though its not about continuing classes its spending more time actually "doing" stuff with my kids that they like to do..

Prayers please..the first class is this Saturday...:(

Day 45 Wednesday woozle

woozle is something that is just out of the oridinary like half days of school for a teacher workshop day. It doesn't happen that often but when it does it throws a complete screw into a sahm's schedule.

If you have figured out by now its a half day. This means only three hours to basically get my errands done in then go get the kids from school.

I might surprise them with a trip to the pool this afternoon. The temperatures have steadily been creeping toward the 100's again. So, a trip to the pool will one do a great cool down, two wear them out for an early bedtime, and three help them eat better.

If you haven't seen it yet, I have the ribbons up for the birthday clown kit. Its the post below.

Today's list of things to do:
Return Library items-done
Take kids to school-done
Get laundry and errands done-working on it
Pick up kids from school-done
a maybe swim-water still a little chilly but fun
afterschool class tonight-done

Week's Today list
Do Three more layouts for the week-done
Fix my blog appearance-working on it pardon the trash heap as I figure out how to do my header correct! Will update the graphic credits at well later.-done

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday clown Textured Ribbon Kit

Birthday Clown Kit Textured Ribbon

Here are the coordinating ribbons for this kit. It went alot faster than previously planned. so, here they are just for you. Thank you for your lovely comments on the paper pack below, released last week. I hope you like these. I used one of the ribbons and recolored to use in a layout in my gallery called Turtle by Sierra. It went not only with this kit but the other layout nicely.

Let me know what you think. I just love how this kit line is turning out.

Day 46 Tuesday Chat

Can't wait for the chat today. It will be nice. Though I hope it starts either very early or later than normal. I have a new afterschool class schedule for my kids that will interve with me being on time at my chat. come first.

Have you heard the whistle of hope in the post below. Many of you know, that I have been learning to use software that is not a typical for digital scrapbooking, however, it worked. It allowed me to build my learning curve to a more advanced level not like my friend, Heather T or any other famous designers. Enough that my DH is considering me getting me the real deal. Did I say that loud enough and from every mountain top. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! He really is and I am excited about it.

Did I forget to mention that the Az Diamondbacks stomped the stew out of the Chicago Cubs last night in Phoenix. Oh, yeah! I love it when my team makes the opposing team fans quit talking trash about my team. Gets me all revived. They have two more games to play. I hope the do a sweep on the cubs! Hay Darren Herrin, you rock as a hitter and a picther. Stephen Drew and Brandon Web get well soon. My kids are upset you are not playing.

Goals for the day:
finish cleaning living room-done
clean kitchen-done

Goals for the week:
Work on making textured ribbons for the next part of the birthday clown kit- done and posted as a freebie on the above post.
Get at least 4layouts done this week-done three to go
clean up my blog appearance (anyone got tips of making it work well together let me know).

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shhh..whistle of hope for the new

software I have been patiently waiting for to do digital scrapbooking. My wonderful DH calls me up today. He goes," what type of photo editing software do you use?" I go its free off the web and you downloaded it for me. Okay, love you bye.

so, I think he is helping a co-worker get his spouse started in it. Ha Ha Ha Ha...I call him back with a word of, "If they just want basics they can use power point 2007".

He goes, "I am trying to get you new software that works much better."

A little stunned out of surprise, "Oh goodie okay I will let you go do your search."

It would be nice to have the software before school gets out. I can promise you I will be playing with it for a while.

Day 47 Monday Morning

of running and getting back on track with my family. okay so today, is a little quiet but busy the same. Cleaning the living room up, and finding important paper work my DH has missed placed. You if he would just learn to put it back where he found it originally we would not have a mad russian rush to find things again.

Goals for the day:
Return items to libray-done
Take kids to school-done
Go to bank this morning-done
Find paper work and clean living room-1/2 done the paper work part took literarily all day
Get kids bed put back together
Cook Dinner -done

Goals for the week:
Work on making textured ribbons for the next part of the birthday clown kit
Get at least 5 layouts done this week-one down four to go.
clean up my blog appearance (anyone got tips of making it work well together let me know).

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Game Day

In honor of us attending baseball webkins day, at the Diamondbacks. I want to tell all my public followers a big THANK YOU. For following my blog, even though its not the most popular or the most fancy nancy of blogs. I appreciate the time that you take in your day to read my blog. I really do appreciate it.

I love the pub ad challenge at two peas in a bucket. It can be very interesting when you are trying to do a lot of pictures at one time or just one single picture. I can tell you that the one from this past week was perfect for me.

So, I keep my eye open for ads now that catch my eye. Drum roll is the one I wish I could figure out with my software to do.

If you are looking for some inspiration..its quote day on the lean mean beings blog.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Shuffle

So here is the layout I did for this weeks and very last pub ad challenge. I had fun using Crystal Wilkerson's kits doing this. I used her spring time kit which is a freebie at Two Peas in a Bucket, and her polka dot papers blog freebie. BTW, thanks for following my blog Crystal. I appreciate it.

I reached all my goals yesterd expect for doing to layouts. I only got one done. The one its really good. i am planning on posting a really cool ad I found for Deadlist Catch on Discovery channel and another one that I will definitely be scraplifting they way they laid out the photos and word art.

Today, get kiddos to finish homework and make up work from being out this week, saturday classes plus, their promotion test, then a visit with one of my youngest kids friends from kindergarten. We can't make her party, so, I told the mom we would stop by after our classes.

If you haven't checked out my lean mean beings healthy blog. Please do. I'd love your comments or suggestions.

Tomorrow is very busy..

Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday Clown Paper Kit Released

Birthday clown Paper

Here it is the lastest kit from me. It has taken me a month of getting this together. I have new tou. Be sure to read before use.

Besure to leave comments on my blog, so, I know what you are looking for or how you like the kit. The texture papers are in both jpgs and pngs format. I will be working on elements for this kit next. Enjoy..again I like to hear what you think of my kit. If you use it in a layout, and would like for me to put it up on my blog email me the layout file. I will post it.

Day 48 Friday Fizzle...

due to the fact I feel fizzled out between the strep virus hitting our house, volunteering, and tackling our awful house.

Today is the following for me.

Return library items
take kids to school-done

Excerise after the kids have gone to school and clean up from excerising-done

Sew on attendance patches on kids uniform for their class test tomorrow.-done

type up terms of use for my birthday clown kit and post it for all my wonderful followers to download.-done.

attack the dinning room table (its' been buried under stacks of paper for months)

do two layouts of the kids art projects. i won't be doing this weeks digi chat challenge. I don't have a way to do a hybrid layout.
Take kids to the dentist after lunch.

If you haven't hopped over to the lean mean beings blog. I am posting the address below.

I have a few posts for the last few days. I'd love some feed back.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 49 Thursday throtle (sp)?

Okay today everyone returns to a normal schedule. My kids back in school. I volunteer in a room and eat lunch with one. After school classes are back.

I finished my paper pack last night for my next freebie. i will be working on getting up for download in the next three days. I hope you like it. It was inspired by a another two peas in a bucket user looking for birthday clown stuff a specific one but I pulled together some cool papers with those colors.

To do list:

Starbucks-need a pick me up
School-drop off and volunteer
home-change clothes finish vaccumming and doing laundry
excerise-run and play a new excerise video'll just have to wait until next week for the review on the lean mean beings blog. You can scroll down for the address.
After school classes

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lean Mean Beings

offically up but a work in progress

Here's the link to the blog..

Day 50 Widow Wednesday

Today is widow wednesday. Not in the physical sense of dying but in the sense of my DH will be so busy with work we will not hear or see from him until tomorrow. He will come home but we will all be asleep when he does.

Okay, I have to vent. Remember when I told you that my DH said I talk to much. I bug his parents to much. So, since their visit haven't really called them or talked to them. Since, I bug too much. NOw, he is upset I didn't tell his mother that I was quitting my job. OH, what it matters about that but not all the other stuff. Grrrr....go make up your mind. First I communicate too much but now not enough. go put your head and a bucket until you decide what you want to do.

Okay, so far my oldest is showing no fever but we will see when she wakes up. If no fever all day then tomorrow back to school and other classes. I'll update this post with an updated to do list.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 51 Talkers Tuesday

Okay today is chat tuesday. Can't wait ladies and gents. It will alway be fun.

Another rough night at our house thanks to the strep bacteria. Now, we are keeping our eye on the youngest to be sure that she doesn't have as well. Since we have strep I can't finish out my last week at my job. My boss is upset but I don't mess around with strep.

Update on the to do list this week.

Finish scanning the learning worksheets for my work.-only 1/4 left to go

Finish laundry-one more load and i will be done

Find a life guard certification place that has short classes during the day-did that but its way out of the way and in a part of town dh wouldn't approve of.

Start running 5 days a week again.-started but may not attain it.
clean the house.1/4 of the way through
Scan a students picture in and play around with it for one of my kits I haven't released.
Clean my vechile out.-started but need to finish

Finish the paper pack for an associate at two peas for her kids birthday. -still working on the polka dots.

Okay, I was suppose to go to the new elementary school ice cream social last night.I called the school to inform them that I would not be attending. My child was sick. They gave me the principals email to contact her directly as well. I did so. I got an email from her saying that if I wanted too I come tour the school once the kiddos are well. She seems very personable.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Its offical...we have

strep in our house. So, the next few days, my oldest will be at home sick. Ugh..but I know now that it will all be alright.

Lots of fluids, and rest.

Healthy Blog team call

Okay many of you know that I am starting a second blog. One on being healthy and staying healthy.

I do need a team of people to help cover the bases and give reports on trying stuff that posters recommend. I will publish your reports on the blog as they are turned in.

If you are interested, please email me. I will be getting it started this week.

Day 52 Migraine Monday

Its Monday. Its a migraine Monday to boot. My oldest is sick with a fever. No work or school for either of us today.

The green bean plant was saved by our aunt. Who helped us get more pottting soil and rehydrate our plant that was knocking on plant heaven's door yesterday afternoon.

My two projects to tackle this today. Try to find my husband's missing shirts for work. I have literaturally done laundry since Monday of last week. We still can't find two of his shirts. Scan in the remaining documents in for my job, and maybe finish and release my paper pack for my next kit.

Waitingly anxiously to hear about Crystal Wilkersons CT call.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, its just Sunday. Lazy day other than trying to finally making it to church and getting soil for a green bean plant that the youngest brought home from school friday. We have to keep it alive at least through the start of summer..

List to do this week.

Finish scanning the learning worksheets for my work.
Finish laundry
Find a life guard certification place that has short classes during the day
Start running 5 days a week again.
clean the house.
Scan a students picture in and play around with it for one of my kits I haven't released.
Clean my vechile out.

Finish the paper pack for an associate at two peas for her kids birthday.

Hear the never ending tale of how my kids had blown drawn for their allergy tests because they had three to four viles drawn for a wide spectrum of allergians. How one got a worse bruise than the other because one's vein was smaller than the other one. How even though the youngest was scared to death, that the youngest went first and didn't give a I'm being tortured from hell screams during the draw. Thus the youngest should be entitled to any toy of the youngest choice in the store regardless of the youngest behavior. The look on my husband's face of I wish I had been there but glad I wasn't. The look from me that says he's on thin on ice and where's my freaking starbucks coffee or tea dude because I was an it widow, again.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Jammie Day! ! !

This is a layout that I did last night in about an hour. Yes, and hour even with the oil paint effect. It only took me an hour.

I really like this one because my husband took two photos of a room that I turned into one. Unless you are looking for the exact line of connection you don't see it.

This weekend is Jammies weeekend. It means we don't go any where or do anything all weekend. It is a stay in the house watch tv, do laundry, and veg out.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 53 TGI Friday

the day not the resturant food chain. Though I will say its one of our favorites. Yummy just thinking about their jack daniels entrees makes me hungery. Though I shouldn't be after a run. I shoud be seriously thirsty!

Today is filled with lots of errands, doctor visits for allergies recheck and starting the process on the kiddos.

Hmm, you know what would be fun if everyone posted here what their favorite resturant(s) where and there favorite entree lines.

Okay so spread the gossip now, we are having a food positing day. If you normally lurk..don't but post. This could get really interestingly fun. Let's do an ABC resturant list.

A is for Applebee's and Auntie B's...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 54 Thursday

Well, I feel much better now. I got a run in after not being able to yesterday. This is my last day to work for this week. Yahoo!

I am so excited. I got two layouts done using the feature in my for making it look a picture.

I just am waiting to upload to twos gallery. They had gremlins again, last night. I have worked in the technology field before. So, I know all about server issues. Believe me, they can be worse than a migraine headache and cause a few too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Santa Baby Gifts 2008

I used the pencil sketch and oil painting option to do this layout and the picture redo. I will show the original picture when I upload to two peas in a bucket.

Day 55 Look What the Cat Dragged In

Okay, its look what the cat dragged in day for me. Grant it, I may not have not gone out the girls in the literally sense of the meaning; but I did have a nice get together online for this mom. Then spent over an hour scanning more curriculum for my class for next year; even though I will no longer be teaching there as of a week from today. I’m sort of excited about it to a degree. I will miss teaching but to be home with my kiddos is rockin. They are pretty cool kids. Now, to get them placed with some pretty rocking teacher. Plus, I stayed up late watching the last DVD on the series Waking the Dead from the BBC due back, hmmm, yesterday. I still have one episode to watch on it. I guess I will pay late fines on it at the library.

Has anyone ever figured out why they call this hump day or is it that we as human beings have “dirty little minds”?

So, instead of getting ready for work I played around with my artistic mode in I can't wait for you gals and guys to see what it can do with a picture. Yes, I have messed around with it in the past but it didn't see to really catch my for my layouts. This is why, I love two peas in a bucket. They always have challenge that helps you learn how to use your software whither its the state of the art or freebie software like gotta go put my face paint on so I won't scare the kids in the school.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 56 Tearful Tuesday

Have you ever had a day start out right but ends up on two left feet instead? A day where you just want to find a corner and cry yourself to sleep from all aspects of life that is the type of day I had yesterday. The type day that only chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate (which I really shouldn’t have) wipes away the fringe of total insanity from stress. Yes, folks you can start out dancing on beat and go to dancing off beat within about two hours of your day starting.
The thing that made the day go from stopping around in the muck of stress to clear blue skies was the fact I got “tagged” in the tag praise game on two peas. Wasn’t exactly expecting it either, so, it was so nice for someone to do that.

Today deal with all the people in my life that had a grumpy in encounter with each and offended each other; more of what I don’t need. To enjoying my evening chat with my online friends at two peas in a bucket.

I only have six days left of work. So, it should fly by like a roller coaster ride without the squeals of the thrill.

Then tackle my family that has decayed into the swamp of impoliteness, and crudity. Then tackle this garbage hole we call a temporary.

Have one question that I need help answering. If someone says they can’t come to the phone, would you insist they come to the phone or wait until they could call you back?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Praise for a Celebratie Baseball Player

So, everyone knows my house loves to watch and take in sporting events. So, we were at the Diamond Backs game yesterday. My kids got to go first because they had a fast pass that allowed them to run the bases first before the general publicly. I have to say this that the diamond backs are truly a "family" team. so, my kids, my husband, and I waited patiently for them to have their turn. They allowed the children with disabilities, and staff kids to run the bases first. That was really cool. Then the fast passes to go.

Well, after my kids ran the bases. We, of course were leaving. There was an older kid talking to one of the players out of uniform. apparently, he asked him the player for something. The player was Catcher Snyder. Snyder was very politely declining due to it was his family time. Apparently, one of his kids got to run the bases with our kids. I almost snapped a photo of him but since I clearly heard "family time". I didn't. Its great to see a player showing that you can have fame but still have a family. I want people to respect our "family time as well".

Day 57 Field Trip Monday

Its field trip Monday for my class and me;I will be taking another teacher with me. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that a few students won’t be able to go. Their parents haven’t signed the permission slip authorizing them to ride the van.
It’s another day my kids suffer in the school system they attend. I just hope their teachers and administration get better.
Thanks to everyone that is praying for my family and me.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crystal's sale..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Yall! The Easter bunny has come and gone at our house. Though here its not officially Easter Sunday yet but it is some where else in the world. The kids got a coloring book, a chocolate bunny, a little bank filled with bubble gum, and a great big package of markers to share. Mom and Dad got theater size box candy left at each of their computers.

Hopefully, we will all get up early enough to finally make it to church to celebrate why we have forgiveness and understanding in heaven. So, I ask each of you to please keep my family in or on your prayer list for the next 111 days. I feel God is trying to move in our lives but we have a Jacob among our family fighting God’s plan he has for us. God knows the exact need we have and why it has to be meet in the next 111 days. It's that important, so, God can use us, restore us, and mold us.

Enough of my, humble prayer request, try to make it to church, make a baseball game, make enchiladas for our special dinner, and remember that we are loved and always have a friend.

Happy Easter! Live, Love, and Laugh Always.

Easter Eve Sunset

taken from inside the vechile. I pulled over to the side of the road to take this photo with my cell camera.

Taken from Outside the vechile on the side of the road.

Taken at a stop sign leaving the parking lot

These were taken from the parking lot view.

Made me think how many of us are rushing in life, forget to enjoy what is given to us everyday.

I hear the run off of the ran from the gutter pipes on the cement. Its some how soothing to the soul.

Rainey Saturday

Its Saturday, rainy one for the desert community, this is good and bad. Good for the sense of washing away dust and allergens but it will create new ones in the next few days. This makes we think of two songs, Raine and Fallen right.

Okay, I have another mini contest for you folks. I will be starting a new blog. If you have been reading every morsel of detail on my blog then I don’t have to repeat myself. Help me create categorizes for the new blog. Each day has a specific theme along with a thread to post your minutes of exercise or calories burned. If you enter the contest you will be part of my team. I need six team members to help.

Its date night for me and one of my kids, and its date night for my husband and one of my kids, for extra bonding time and stress relieve. I believe it helps the children feel more special and listened to when a parent takes them out individually. I remember doing this with my mom. We had a tradition that on the first snow of every winter we would celebrate. Either by baking or going out to eat on her very small budget for a single parent back in the day. Thanks mom! I hopefully will get pictures of stuff that I can post in a recap or a layout for a contest at two peas.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 58 Good Friday

I never have understood the meaning for good friday..I know its part of the jewish holiday for passover which has been convert into the Easter Celebration in the ressuration of Jesus. Maybe because no one has ever broken down the differences of the two regilious beliefs side by side for me to see in any format. I like to understand both sides of the issue because I like to be respectful for each person's personal believe.

Oh, don't get me wrong I do celebrate Good Friday in a regilious sense with my family every year. I just feel like it has been over commericalized by the stores, churches, and just in general. We have forgotten what truly means "to do this in rememberance of me". If this makes any sense at all to those that believe. I rarely see anyone publical figure take a moment of silence to remember this weekend. I don't see people gathering for an easter egg hunt and praying before they hunt eggs. Back in the day, prayer always came first, and remembering was a simple festival for a family to have traditions with.

Words of wisdom for today. Take time to remember even if it is a brief moment of silence to pray. To remember that we have life because of him.

Now for an update on my kiddos situation at school. I got an email from the direct teachers yesterday. They did apologize for another incident at the transition time. They feel that my youngest needs to take more responsibility for her actions or non-actions. Excuse, this is kindergarten not first or second grade or even junior high school. Have we forgotten the number one rule when dealing with children? All children will develop and mature on their own preset developmental schedule.

In general most will "mature" or develop to handle more responsibilities toward the end of the year. I deal with students, the first thing I do is look at there birthday in the year. This general helps me determine where they lie emotionally. This is what you deal with in general. If there birthday lies in the end of August through say December generally (not always applies) they will be lower on the emotional developmental scale. I don't know its just the way it always occurs. If the child's birthday is from January through the first part of August then they generally have more advanced developmentally. I do not baby my children in any ways. The first word out of my mouth is generally NO. Simply because if they learn restrain and responsibility now its better for them. I do keep in mind their health and if they have gotten enough sleep as well. So, excuse if I feel like the school's have lost sight of what is really important..that we still need to do the head count check the master list of the kids schedule's while depositing the children where they are suppose to be.

Note: I will be starting another blog for those are trying to be healthier with their life style. I will have more details to come in the future.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 59 Thursday Thunder Bolt Momma

Its Thursday morning thunder bolt momma; yes, that’s right Thunder Bolt Momma! If you haven’t figured out by now something horrible happened for a third and will be final time to my family.
As many of you know, I work as a preschool teacher at a local preschool. A couple times a week, I work late and the preschool bus picks up my children for me. Well, for the last few months, there has been an issue with this. The teachers at the school continually refuse to put my youngest on the preschool bus when she is suppose to then on the days I do pick them up myself, they put her on the van. When questioned they try to blame my daughter. When the preschool staff is questioned, they say it’s the teacher on duty that is the one screwing up the times for my child. Needless, to say, they have quote, “lost or misplaced” my child for the last time. I have sent written reminders, to everyone including the principal to ensure my child is on the correct bus or line for pick up. I check with the actual class room teachers and they say that my youngest child has the schedule down pat. It’s a shame that my actual boss, was told that a lie yesterday. My boss, literary called me from the school on the cell phone with the teacher standing there to make sure she was suppose to pick up my kids. Needless, to say, my child was found across campus at a different pick up spot after another teacher rudely, told my daughter and other students waiting for my preschool bus that my youngest was not suppose to be on our preschool bus. The teacher only brought my youngest to the older silbing after the teachers in the other line quickly informed her that my oldest and friends were correct in saying that my youngest was suppose to ride the preschool bus. Never once, did the children receive an apology from the school staff. Never once, did my boss receive an apology from the school staff; expect to be made to drive around to pick up my youngest had been dropped off. Needless, to say this post is very tame. I am prepared to give a cordial tongue lashing to the school this morning.
So, pray for me and wise words to type. My resignation letter has already been sent to my boss at the preschool because my husband and I fear for our children’s safety and well being at this point.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 60 Contest Ended no Winners

Okay, so, no one entered my blog contest to do a layout on their shoes. That means no free money to two peas in a bucket shop to go shopping with. It means I get to go shopping instead…

Oh my, its Wednesday again. It means we’re supposed to be over the hump to getting to the weekend. It still feels like eternity until Friday. It’s just that pranks are starting to be pulled at work again. It’s very frustrating that they are making our craft schedule and master copies disappear.

Today, hamburger helper with veggies, special classes after school, make school work for my oldest, and overall back to the same schedule we usually follow.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 61 Tuesday...

Opening day at the Diamondbacks baseball was a packed out crowd. We got there around 11 am. We didn’t leave until the game was literary over. The last strike out pitch was a standing ovation before it was even thrown. It’s almost like the crowd knew it was coming. It was awesome. We go back this weekend.

Now the only thing that really annoyed me about the baseball game was the two knuckle heads sitting directly behind me. They really need to improve their vocabulary. Okay knuckle heads, you may be in charge of some big time company but your vocabulary needs to go back to school. If you all you can do is “insert” four to ten letter words to describe people, incidents, transportations bloopers, and why in good graces they closed the field’s roof then seriously pick up a dictionary or thesaurus. You are so lucky they don’t allow glass bottles in the stadium or else you may have found hot sauce mysteriously appearing in your repeated alcoholic drinks that were either delivered to your seats or you walked to go get. You are so lucky my kids didn’t hear that type of language from your mouth or else they may have loudly asked why you weren’t in a time out or eating soap for saying those “potty” words. I didn’t have you thrown out of the game for inappropriate baseball etiquette manners because charma is truly hell when it comes back around. I don’t need any bad charma in my future. I only pray that you dui knuckle heads called a cab or had a limo wanting for outside because you were really too drunk to drive.

Today is mandatory testing for one of my kids. They will be finishing the testing Thursday. The one taking the test was told that if the score wasn’t high then those students wouldn’t go on to third grade. Well, I checked it out with most school districts. Guess what that is a flat out lie! So, I told my kiddo to do the best that my child could do and that would be enough for me. My kiddo got the biggest grin on that face. I got the biggest hug. I even said that gifted classes didn’t matter to me. They mattered to her teacher. I got an even bigger hug.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 62 Baseball Hookey Day

Today everyone is playing hookey to go see the Diamondbacks for their openning day of baseball season. Yes, that's right folks, we let our kids play hookey one day a year to go see baseball. It would be different if our kids were failing school or out of school due to illness a lot. They are not, they have good grades, one has a really tuff teacher that has our little one scared to start the first grade at that school, the little one just proved to the teachers her illegent level last friday, and its a beautiful day. So, to all the adminstrators, teachers, and other people that disagree with our philosophy..I saw this to you. LET GO LET GOD AND GET OVER IT. We are going to baseball regardless.

Its been nice having a "lazy" weekend. Though we were busy to a degree it was pretty much "lazy".

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday ...

It’s Sunday Morning. Everyone but me is sleeping. No biggie about that. I love the early morning by myself time. The only sound is my typing, the dryer and said clothes going round and round, and peace.
Okay, so, we have been really busy. To the point that the kids even wanted a break from the go-go pace we have been keeping. They stayed at home all day yesterday, watching TV, and chilling. Expect for the Egg Extravaganza at a local park. This is three baseball fields covered in plastic eggs and the kids go crazy trying to get their share. They are gone in 2-5 minutes.

I had a baby shower to go too. It was really fun. It was very low key. I love key events. It makes my day. I had so much fun! I love how their nursery was decorated. The food was kicking too. All fruits, vegetables, and lots of punch or ginger ale to eat and drink. I have a layout coming of their dog. She was so good during the baby shower.
For me today laundry, grocery shopping, and digital scrapbooking, we may go house hunting and we may not.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 63 Friday

It’s Friday. It’s my DH 42nd Birthday today. He won’t let us buy him anything. So, we made him a sign, bought a Disney balloon with his favorite characters, and some very funny cards. I still can’t find his favorite candy anywhere in the local stores. This is so frustrating.

Update on yesterday, yes, I had a better day with my kids. We got all the worksheets for the unit we are studying done. We get to start a new one Monday (sub gets to start it). Only three acted up at naptime, and those three are my normal three to give me a hard time.

I’m off today and Monday. You’ll find out why about Monday. Heheeheehee, I may be mean but I do have fun with my family regardless of what others think.

Plans get caught up on laundry, possibly go look at houses with my DH this morning, and try to figure out what my kids are allergic to before we have food testing done..

Remember when I saw, the bobcat the other day. A neighbor just told me it leaves down in a deep wash behind our little rental. Wonderful! This means I will probably see this, oh, so, not so, wonderful wild being again then.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 64 comment day

Its 3:45 am on Thursday. Why in good golly Ms Molly my body decided to wake up and have a stomach acid reflux trip is beyond me. Maybe, it’s because I ate really light last night, or maybe, I had a really crappy day with my kids at work, or maybe, I am running out of patience on this house hunting expedition that we have been on for over a year now.

Let’s see today’s plan of action at work. One keep kids outside as much as possible today. This means taking all worksheets, pencils, crafts outside to do. Let’s not forget our snack time is also going to be outside. These kids are going to run, play, and enjoy the weather since they acted so badly. I literary had three other teachers come in my room to help me with them yesterday. Even my director was like this is ridiculous for this class. I said, “okie dokie, tomorrow is an outside work day. Anybody got a problem with that then they will have to go see the director. “My director replied, “Fine by me.” Love you dear director.

This afternoon a date with one of kids, just you I kid. We got plans. Nothing fancy, just a sub dinner, a trip to the library, a shopping trip for a birthday card for their father and favorite candy too, movies with Scooby-doo (gotta love this scarredy dog),and maybe, some ice cream from the grocery store.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 65 April Fool's Wednesday but not any april fool's post

This is no April fool’s log. I spotted a bobcat and a bobcat spotted me. I froze in my tracks. He gave me a look like you’re not my type chick and walked in the direction he was going. Its great living in a desert community but it’s also not so great. Just don’t tell my DH he’ll get to be overprotective mode, again.

(photo not an original dl from the net to give you a clue as what I got to look at ..

Ugh, another day.
Happy April’s Fool Day to everyone. Hopefully, the pranks won’t be too bad